Profitable 146.7% rise”

SSG said on the 6th, “We have completed annual salary contracts with all 44 people who are eligible for renewal in the 2024 season.”

Seo Jin-yong has become the highest-paid player among the 44 players. He recorded 42 saves and an ERA of 2.59 in the 2023 season. He ranks first in saves in the league. He signed a contract of 450 million won, up 185 million won (69.8 percent) from the previous 265 million won.

Veteran Noh Kyung-eun has her stamp on 270 million won, up 100 million won (58.8 percent) from 170 million won. Noh played in a whopping 76 games and played 83 innings in the 2023 season. She has won nine games and harvested 30 holds. She ranks second in league hold.

Ko Hyo-joon, who played as a left-handed winning team, also signed an autograph at 153 million won, an increase of 68 million won (80.0 percent) from 85 million won (85 million won). He has become an annual player of hundreds of millions of dollars again. Ko also garnered 13 holds in 73 games.

Park also saw his performance improve. He played full-time shortstop for three consecutive years. He ended the contract with 300 million won, an increase of 30 million won (approximately 11.1 percent). It is his first annual salary of 300 million won since his debut.

The highest increase rate is rookie Lee Hae-woo in 2023. He ended his salary contract in 2024 at 74 million won, up 44 million won. It rose a whopping 146.7 percent.

In addition, the contract was finalized for 100 million won (81.8% – 45 million won increase), 63 million won for Cho Hyung-woo (96.9% – 31 million won increase), 61 million won for Lee Kun-wook (96.8% – 30 million won increase), and 144 million won for Choi Min-joon (10.8% – 14 million won increase).

As a result, SSG was the first among the 10 KBO league clubs to complete the annual salary contract.

Seo Jin-yong, who completed his contract, said, “I felt pressured to be the closing pitcher last year. It was also an opportunity for me to grow as I gained good results as the king of saves. I will prepare well for the rest of the offseason so that I can enter the 2024 season in good physical condition.”


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