What’s the point of the Asian Cup review of Team Cleansman without Cleansman?

The competition was over and the team failed to reach its goal. However, in order to move toward a better future, the team must closely review its painful past. In short, the team must find ways to develop itself through incorrect answer notes. It is a basic step that a team must follow in a technical group such as the Korean national soccer team. However, Korean national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann has no basics. And the Korea Football Association simply stands by and does nothing.

The 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup has been concluded with Qatar`s second consecutive defeat. However, the tournament was effectively ended early in Korea after losing 0-2 to Jordan in the semifinal match at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium at midnight on the 7th (Korea time). Public criticism against Tim Klinsmann is at its peak. The mood is so bad that it makes one wonder if there was a time when people from all walks of life criticized him one by one after the Asian Cup.

Coach Klinsmann made it clear that he had no intention of giving up his position. Aside from opinions on whether he will advance or not, there must be a step to review the strengths and weaknesses of the national team revealed at the Asian Cup and seek ways to develop it, as coach Klinsmann has declared that he will prepare for the upcoming 2026 FIFA North-Central America World Cup Asian qualifiers.

Still, Klinsmann chose to take a vacation rather than review the championship. The Korea Football Association plans to hold a subcommittee on tactical activities after the Lunar New Year’s Day to review the Asian Cup, but chances are high that the coach who spearheaded the event will not be here.

Coach Klinsmann’s attitude is not surprising given that he was originally this kind of person. That’s probably why the media asked him when he would leave rather than asking how long he would stay in Korea at the press conference in Korea.

As director Klinsmann said, it’s his own way of working that he has no intention of changing, so let’s move on. A bigger problem is that he is ignoring even the steps that must be taken at the association level, apart from his work method. This is the second problem in the future, whether you work from home, travel around Europe, or work in the United States.

However, he should not reject a position in which he has to slowly reflect on his accomplishments and shortcomings and find a better solution together as a national team coach at this point in time when he has wrapped up a big competition. However, Klinsmann threw away even this and left. This is why I doubt his sincerity, let alone how he works. Also, do you intend to move on to a remote video conference? What on earth is the point of third-party reviews in the absence of Klinsmann?

The Korea Football Association is simply taking this behavior lightly because it is coach Klinsmann’s way of working. There is only one case in which the Korea Football Association has put the brakes on coach Klinsmann’s behavior over the past year that failed to participate in the legendary match that was scheduled to take place at Stampede Bridge in September, and it is really bleak in that such irrational behavior will continue to be repeated if he joins coach Klinsmann in the future.

The second problem is that the Korea Football Association keeps or dismisses Klinsmann. Why are you watching when you are not doing what you deserve? What is worse than Klinsmann’s “large management” is the Korea Football Association’s lethargic response.

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