“I found someone who stole the glove. Please give it back.”

If you are a zombie fan, please return it,” she said, revealing the address of the “Korean Zombie Gymnasium.”

In the photo she released, Park identified the audience who was believed to have snatched her husband’s glove and pointed it out with a finger-shaped emoticon.

Earlier, Jung Chan-sung expressed regret that someone snatched one glove he was wearing while moving to the locker room with his arms open immediately after the game while replicating his retirement game with Max Holloway (32, USA) on his YouTube channel.

Jung Chan-sung said, “I wanted to have that glove because it was the last one I used at the UFC,” adding, “Isn’t the one who took it too much?” My last glove. That’s so harsh. “So I threw the other side,” he said without hiding his regret.

When Park revealed the real life of the person believed to have snatched the glove, online communities and others say that Park’s actions were excessive and that it was a legitimate measure.

Those who said Park’s face disclosure measures were excessive said, “The person who took it is too much and I want it back.” However, he wrote comments such as “Isn’t it a little short of thinking to reveal his face and post it on SNS?” “This kind of measure feels a little uncomfortable,” and “If he knows his face, shouldn’t he report it?”

On the other hand, he also said, “That’s theft, is there a problem?” and “It’s the fault of the person who took the player’s precious things.”


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