The mystery of the new gambling facility has not yet been revealed.

Royal Dragon Casino sign appeared out of the blue to locals as the local gambling regulator did not receive an application to open a new gambling facility in Macau. The news didn’t change until the GGR Asian media reported last Friday that it had just received a request from a new gambling facility to operate with gaming permission from SJM Holdings.

The new gambling hub, reportedly owned by local businessman and former policymaker Chan Mengkam, will open today without obtaining regulatory approval. The opening day coincides with China’s Golden Week in October, so it was not chosen by accident. On Friday, Paulo Martins Chan, director of the Game Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), was asked by a new gambling house to operate under a gaming license from SJM Holdings, according to GGR Asia. Chan added that the request is still awaiting approval and paperwork is currently under way.

Making the case even more complicated is the fact that Macau introduced a so-called moratorium that placed restrictions on new casinos in the region to limit market expansion. In other words, third parties cannot open gambling facilities with the permission of some of the six casino operators that already exist.

In an emailed reply , Chan said gambling houses in Macau would be allowed to set up gambling tables if they were to be relocated from other casino properties. This means that Macau’s gambling population remains the same. However, the game bureau did not specify the exact number of tables expected to be moved to the new gambling house.

the controversial advent of casinos
Local people and officials were surprised by the sign of the new gambling house, and earlier this month, GGR Asia established another casino hotel, Golden Dragon Co., owned by Chan Meng Kam, and Melco Resort and Entertainment, which is already licensed to run a new casino. GGR Asia tried to contact Mr Kam, but he declined to comment


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