Speaking at the track’s newly launched Stella Artois Terrace patio, the leader said he was looking at long-term plans to further develop the horse racing industry and attract a new generation of fans.

The newly unveiled and opened track’s Stella Artua Terrace patio is designed to bring new young demographers to the track. The outdoor space has a comfortable sea, a chef-made meal, a fresh green, and glass cubicles that provide a great view for guests. There is also pop music in the background, which is rejected for every race call.

Mr Lawson says there is definitely a vision for the future of the industry over the next 20 or 25 years. The CEO shared that the idea was to bring as many people to the racecourse as possible and introduce them to a sport called horse racing. He said the organization does not hesitate to start any kind of project because of its status as a non-profit organization.

Officials said it was part of the organization’s duty to nurture future fans and future track owners. The property is located on 700 acres of land, and he said he would like to see a complex campus centered on current racecourse activities. Consider bio companies or educational institutions, believing that this is not the time to invest in retail due to past closures.

One of the projects under consideration is the train station, which Mr. Lawson wants to install on the southeast corner of the building in the next few years. In addition, the company shared that it will soon release a 5,000-seat music center, which will allow the track to host many exciting live entertainment events.

Finally, Mr. Lawson hopes that the track’s safety record will one day allow him to host another Breeders’ Cup. This is what racing fans have dreamed of for some time. He knows that another synthetic race would not be very attractive. However, he says a better overall record of artificial surfaces will eventually change the industry.

In March, Ontario’s horse racing leader also shared plans to build a soccer stadium on the land of Woodbine Racecourse. The new stadium will have training facilities and comply with all FIFA standards. It will be used by a local soccer team, and it will be within walking distance of the Thoroughbred track.

Woodbine Racetrack once again captured the attention of the industry by hosting the 163rd consecutive event of the prestigious The Queen’s Plate.


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