Four Atlantic Canadian states enjoyed more Alca and interesting game palettes.

The Crown Company oversees game operations across Canada’s eastern states, including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. Since March 2020, the gaming sector on a national and global scale has had to witness some changes and the introduction of special measures, making it impossible for players to engage in direct gambling. As a recent report shows, online services have become more popular.

Since mid-March, when all offline casinos and gambling houses had to temporarily shut down operations, Crown Corporation has stepped up its efforts to provide players with the most comprehensive digital platform. This included a complete overhaul of the online platform and modernizing its appearance and functionality. As a result, the game leader witnessed about 500% more digital sales.

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More individuals have shown interest in online gaming services due to the availability and easy access provided by the Atlantic Lottery Company’s platform. Many players have taken their first steps into the online gaming world in the past 10 months since the unprecedented situation began. The new account saw a surge of about 380% while outpacing the overall popularity of this digital hotspot.

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This increase in popularity only shows that local players pursue new challenges every day because they have more time in their work. Physical distancing made it impossible for them to enjoy land-based casinos in Atlantic Canada, which created the demand for more convenient and easily accessible platforms. The online transition is expected to remain popular in the future.

a sharp rise of 500%
With offline casinos and game centers closing once again at the end of 2020, online games will once again experience a surge in popularity. Over the past 10 months, total gaming revenue has surged 200% compared to the same period in the previous financial year. Joey Cormier, channel director at Atlantic Lottery Company, shared his position.

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He pointed out that the growth experienced was gradual compared to the previous year. Crown Corporation has worked hard to prepare for digital expansion ahead of March 2020, which has provided a good position for the eventual lockdown and increased demand for digital content and gambling offerings. In the first quarter of fiscal year, there were the same amount of new accounts as in the entire fiscal year.

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Another positive motivation to explore the vast world of online gaming in Atlantic Canada has been the prospect of a single event sports betting legalized in the near future as support for this offering grows.


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