Kang Jin-seong The expression has changed

People around me say that my expression has changed.

The professional world is a series of trembling competitions day by day.

 If you miss it

you are often pushed away.

 My mind is complicated because I want to do better

and the more I do

the more energy is put into my body.

 Kang Jin-seong (30, SSG) emptied his mind. 

He decided to put an end to his greed. 

He is focused on taking a step in the direction he wanted to go. 

Curiously 먹튀검증사이트

baseball works out better.

 In the last 5 games

he had a batting average of 0.526. Kang Jin-seong laughed


It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve had double-digit hits in a week.

Third Uniform, Another Chance

It is said that everyone gets three chances. 

This is already the third uniform. 

Kang Jin-seong started his professional career in NC in 2012. 

In 2020

he created the modifier ‘1 gang per day’ and digested his first full-time

contributing to his first championship. 

Ahead of the 2022 season

he moved his nest to Doosan as a compensation player for free agency (FA) Park Kun-woo. Wandered. 

He wandered about

unable to find a seat.

 He joined SSG through a trade last May.

 Kang Jin-seong said

It was a time when I had a lot of thoughts. 

He had a great desire to try something new

he said.

It didn’t show an upward curve throughout the season.

 He stayed with a batting average of 0.250 through June. 

Since July

he has soared to 0.350. It is the fruit of sweat. 

Even in the middle of the season, he made a bold change. 

Kang Jin-seong explained

I try to play with the feeling of holding the timing half-tempo short.

 Even the slightest difference comes to the player himself. 

Kang Jin-seong would also be lying if he said he had no fear.

I practiced whenever I had free time

and it felt good.

 I wanted to try it once

but when good balls came out

I gained confidence.

In the past, when he remembered the end, today he became stronger.

Kang Jin-seong’s baseball life had many ups and downs. 

Difficult times continued

overlapping with large and small injuries and sluggishness. 

He has recalled the end of his career several times. 

He even seriously discussed his career path with his parents. 

There were times when he tried to referee after his father (Kang Gwang-hoe, KBO referee team leader)

and there were times when he was worried about taking his leadership class. 

Kang Jin-seong said

I wanted to do nothing by playing baseball like this. 

It was frustrating

he said.

The moment I thought it was really the last time, the road opened.

 I see it as a bonus

he said.

Hardened through hardship. 

The center has been solidified. 

no more chasing Kang Jin-seong said

Maybe I know myself best

he said. 

Since it was my choice

I came to accept the results better

he nodded. 

It is also reducing the fear of failure. 

Kang Jin-seong said

If you play well

you will go to the game

and if you play poorly

you just have to prepare again. 

If it became simple

I would be able to actively do it

he said.

Role beyond salt, as desired

The more Kang Jin-sung finds himself

the more SSG smiles. 

In the second half

where the pace has fallen somewhat

one shot of Kang Jin-seong is more than salt. 

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said

(Kang) Jin-seong plays really well every time he plays.

 He shows good performance both on and off the bench. 

he is well prepared Thank you

he praised. 

The uses are also diverse. 

He plays first base as well as outfield defense. 

Kang Jin-seong said

I only look forward. 

He is paying attention to the one ball in front of him right now.

 I hope the good flow continues

he laughed.

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