Brilliant Talent 6 Years in Prison Seo Jun-Won

It was once a brilliant talent.


he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for producing sexual exploitation of minors. 

This is the story of Seo Jun-won

who became the worst figure in the KBO League.

On the 23rd

the 5th Criminal Division of the Busan District Court (Chief Judge Gi-seok Jang)

held a decision trial on charges such as violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Adolescents (producing and distributing sexual exploitation, etc.)

against Seo Jun-won

and the prosecution asked for 6 years in prison.

Regarding the reason for the arrest

the prosecution said

Even though Mr. Seo produced sexual exploitation for first-time offenders or minor victims.

 He explained the reason for the sentence


I committed a serious crime with a great social repercussion even though I should be a model for society as a public figure.

In addition

the prosecution said

It seems that the investigative agency does not sincerely 바카라사이트닷컴 reflect on the crime

such as claiming that he did not know that he was a minor despite the clear conversation (with the victim).

We took into consideration the points we agreed upon in the sentence.

In August 2022

Seo Jun-won was handed over to trial on charges of lying to the victim in an open KakaoTalk chat room opened by the victim

who was a minor

as if giving pocket money to the victim

and demanding that the victim send a picture of her body exposure.

In addition

it was revealed that Seo Jun-won sent sexually explicit messages 60 times and had the victim take pictures of his body 7 times even though he knew that the victim was a minor

and then received them and produced sexual exploitation.

In his final statement

Seo Jun-won said

I am ashamed and regretful of myself for trying to relieve the stress accumulated from strict life control and childcare within the club in a perverted way.

I will work hard to live a proper life for my son.

It is the devastating downfall of a promising prospect who was once considered a brilliant talent.

Previously, after graduating from Kaesong Middle School and Gyeongnam High School

Seo Jun-won entered the professional league as the 2019 Lotte 1st nomination

receiving a down payment of 350 million won. 

Expectations were high for Seo Jun-woon

who showed the appearance of a limited express during his high school days.

Seo Jun-won participated in 33 games in his first year alone

recording 4 wins and 11 losses with an ERA of 5.47. The following year, in 2020

he also received expectations by digesting 107.2 innings in 31 appearances

but only 7 wins and 6 losses with an ERA of 5.18. Although his performance during the two seasons after his joining did not meet expectations

Lotte also gave him steady opportunities as he was recognized for his many possibilities.

However, he fell further with an average ERA of 7.33 in 26 games in the 2021 season, 1 win, 3 losses and 3 holds.

 In 2022, he recorded 3 wins, 3 losses and 2 holds with an ERA of 4.80, his best performance since his professional debut.


Seo Jun-won had already been investigated by the Busan local police for kidnapping and luring minors in December of last year

but he did not notify the club and covered it up

participating in the spring camp and deceiving many people.

Even after being indicted by the prosecution for the first time

Seo Jun-won insisted that he did not know that the victim was a minor and insisted on his innocence

but as a result, all the charges turned out to be true.

A talent who believed in his talent and did not put effort into honing himself eventually walked the path of a criminal after the most shameful criminal act in the history of the KBO League.

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