41st But First Non-European Captain Son Heung-Min Blowing New Mind Into Tottenham

Son Heung-min is blowing a new wind in Tottenham.

On the 23rd (Korean time)

Tottenham posted a video of new manager Angie Postecoglu and new team captain Son Heung-min winning their first win at the home stadium this season through the club’s official channel.

Tottenham took on a new challenge this season. 

A new captain was appointed to replace Hugo Lloris

who had served as captain.

One of the team’s legends was Harry Kane

but he moved to Bayern Munich. 

In the end

living legend Son Heung-min became the captain.

Tottenham officially announced on the club website on the 13th that “Son Heung-min has been appointed as the club’s captain.”

Tottenham said

Son Heung-min came from Bayer 먹튀검증사이트 Leverkusen in Germany in the 2014-2015 season.

He inherited the captain’s armband this time from Hugo Lloris, who was appointed captain from the 2015-2016 season.

James Madison and Christian Romero were appointed as vice-captains.”

Son Heung-min said after being appointed captain:

It is a great honor to be captain of a huge club.

It is a big surprise and a very proud moment.

I have already told the players that everyone should feel like a captain on and off the pitch.

He continued

It’s a new start for the new season.

I will give everything for this uniform and armband

he said

expressing his will to fulfill his role as captain.

Son Heung-min is the first non-European captain in Tottenham’s history. 

Founded in 1882

Tottenham has had 40 captains

all of them from Europe. 

Son Heung-min

the 41st captain

wrote a new history.

When it was founded in 1982

the first captain was Bobby Buckle. 

Then, in 1897

Welsh Jack Jones became the non-English captain.

 After 132 years

Son Heung-min made a new history for Tottenham.

Son Heung-min did not perform as well as expected in his first game after becoming captain.

 I couldn’t fill the void that Kane left out.


his second match against Manchester United was completely different.

Son Heung-min

who started as a left winger in the 4-2-3-1 formation against Manchester United

energized Tottenham’s offense with sharp dribble breakthroughs and key passes.

In an interview published on the BBC

Son Heung-min said

It’s very good

it’s really special.

Manchester United was a special opponent and it was really good to win the first win of the season at home against Manchester United.

From start to finish

the fans gave their all to the players.


It was like that for close to 100 minutes

he said.

Although there were no goals and no help

Son Heung-min ‘struggled’. 

While Richarlison, the forward striker

was not playing his role

Son Heung-min’s performance was brilliant.

Football London reported

People inside the club who have been with Son Heung-min for many years

as well as those who have already left Tottenham, were surprised that Son Heung-min was appointed as the new captain.

Son Heung-min enjoyed great popularity within the club and was respected by everyone

but not many people saw him as a ‘leader

he said.

The fact that he was not included in the included Tottenham leader group proved this

he explained

explaining that Son Heung-min was far from his usual leadership role leading the team.

In addition

Football London said

In the days of Mauricio Pochettino, Lloris led the team atmosphere.

After Pochettino left

a leader group was formed so that the players could voice their voices.

At the end of the Antonio Conte era

young players like Oliver Skipp gave their voices.

Heung-Min Son didn’t belong anywhere.

Although he did not think of it as a captain

Son Heung-min

who became a captain, is highly evaluated.

Football London said

Director Postecoglu succeeded in reforming cleanly.

Heung-Min Son’s appointment as captain was surprising

but it was a natural choice.


he was simply a popular player

but now he has become an active leader.

It was also Son Heung-min’s idea to take the players to greet the away fans of Tottenham

he said

highlighting that Son Heung-min is bringing a new wind to Tottenham.

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