WKBL’s Uniform Terminology, Selection Meetings and Drafts

Should the WKBL unify the selection meeting and the draft?

The KBL’s draft for selecting rookies was initially called the Domestic Player Draft. It was once held in conjunction with the foreign player draft, although it has since disappeared due to free agency.

At some point, the domestic player draft was called the domestic rookie draft, and last year it was renamed the rookie draft. In a recent press release, it was called the 안전 토토사이트 domestic player draft again.

Most leagues are called regular leagues, but the KBL is called regular games. It is also their own expression to say that the regular league championship is called first place, not championship.

It’s okay to be consistent no matter what others say, like ‘1st place in the regular season’. However, it’s not good to change the names of domestic players, domestic rookies, and rookies before the draft.

In the WKBL, the rookie draft is called the rookie selection meeting. You can choose to use Korean instead of English.

However, as we mentioned earlier, it should be consistent.

The WKBL introduced an Asian quota system this year. Instead of free agency, teams will select Japanese players through a draft. The WKBL called it the “Asia Quota Player Draft.

If the selection of rookies is called a rookie draft, shouldn’t it be called an Asian quota draft?

It’s the same thing, but one is a selection meeting and one is a draft.

On the WKBL website, the item where you can see the results of the past rookie selections is also called the Past Draft. The draft items are divided into domestic rookies and foreign players.

Of course, since the draft results of domestic and foreign players are organized at the same time, it is called a draft on the homepage.

In other words, the WKBL is using their own term, ‘rookie selection meeting’, only when they hold an event to select domestic rookies.

If so, the WKBL should seriously consider changing the name of the draft to a domestic (rookie) draft instead of a rookie selection.

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