“Capture information that shows LAD’s sincerity.”

Japan’s “Tokyo Sports” said on the 13th (Korea time) that “Sasaki Rocky’s future, which is being discussed as a major league transfer through this offseason posting system, is of great interest,” adding, “We have captured important information that shows the Dodgers’ “sincereness.”

Sasaki caught the attention of Major League scouts by throwing fast balls over 150 kilometers since his high school days in Poonato, and began his professional career after being selected by the Chiba Lotte Marines in the first round of the Japanese pro baseball rookie draft in 2019. Sasaki threw many balls during his high school days, but did not play a single game in order to improve his physical fitness to become a pro in his first season as a high school player. Nevertheless, he gained experience by sitting on the bench of the first team every day watching the seniors play, and took the mound in earnest from the 2021 season.

He pitched in 11 games in his first season and had a valuable experience of three wins and two losses and an earned run average of 2.27, which surprised the world the following year. He achieved the “Perfect Game” against the Orix Buffaloes on April 10, his third appearance of the season. At the time, Sasaki struck out 19 out of 27 out-counts, 13 of which were consecutive strikeouts, setting a new world record for an unofficial record. He almost achieved the two-game perfect game, which was unprecedented in the world baseball history, by blocking eight perfect innings in his next appearance.

Due to blister injury and physical problems, Sasaki recorded only 9-4 record with a 2.02 ERA in 20 games, but Sasaki proved his worth at the World Baseball Classic in March 2023 and even though he did not play full-time last year, he pitched in 15 games to post 7-4 record with a 1.78 ERA. However, an unexpected “friction” occurred between Sasaki and Chiba Lotte after the end of the season. It was because of his advance to the Major League.

Sasaki received keen attention from big league teams through “Perfect Game” and “WBC,” and hoped to play in the Major League. However, Chiba Lotte could not afford to let the team go because it had never played a full-time season and did not receive much help from its team’s performance. Notably, Chiba Lotte was firmly in the position that it could not receive much financial compensation as players under the age of 25 were required to sign an “international amateur contract.” As a result, the two sides had difficulty negotiating salaries for the 2024 season. Fortunately, they reached an agreement dramatically right before the departure of the spring camp, but it was a telling sign of how much Sasaki dreamed of entering the Major League.

Amid this development, attention has begun to paid to Sasaki’s moves in the U.S. In late March, Bob Nightingale of USA Today said, “Every club wants to have Sasaki. However, it is impossible to go to a club other than the Dodgers. Everyone already knows.” The Washington Post recently announced that Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Dodgers), Yu Darvish (San Diego), and Seiya Suzuki (Cups) agent Joel Wolf of the Washerman are helping Sasaki advance to the big leagues.

And U.S. Major League teams are eagerly waiting for Sasaki who is certain to make a big league leap forward, according to Dodger Blue on Wednesday. Sasaki already has recognition and is historical in and of itself, discussions on transferring to the big leagues are historic. Sasaki is known to be aided by Yamamoto’s Angel Wolf, and rumors have been circulating for a long time. Sasaki said, “There is a high possibility that the Dodgers will sign Wolf of the Washerman as their agent,” adding, “If Sasaki is posted, it is highly likely that the Dodgers will sign a contract.”

Even though Sasaki has not yet been confirmed to play in the Major League, more and more media are predicting his move to the Dodgers, and Japan’s “Tokyo Sports” has obtained one piece of information. The Dodgers changed its scouting team in charge of the Japanese team. The scout had been with the Japanese pro baseball team until last year. The media said, “A, who is in charge of the Japanese team, is from California where the Dodgers team is located. During high school years, he played for the best baseball team in the U.S. His children graduated from Japanese universities.”토토사이트 순위

“Tokyo Sports” said, “Above all, it is analyzed that A’s recruitment can be seen as an expression of intention to show that he is engaged in legitimate scouting activities from the Dodgers’ point of view.” And in the offseason last year, suspicions were raised about the tampering of Dodgers scouts due to the Yamamoto posting transfer scouting activities. In this regard, there is a reality that there is a lack of attention on scouting activities, such as clubs other than the Dodgers filing complaints with the Major League Secretariat, and in this regard, A may be familiar with the rules and customs of the Japanese baseball community, and it may be difficult to receive new doubts, given that he was in the NPB club until last year.”

As time passes and the offseason approaches, more and more people are predicting that Sasaki will go to the Major League, especially the Dodgers. Will Sasaki be able to go to the Big League.

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