Should sing a wild card given to the top four teams among the top three teams in six groups.

Syria (4 points) has already secured one, and Palestine (4 points) has effectively secured one. Regardless of the outcome of the match against Jordan (4 points), Bahrain (3 points) is ahead of Indonesia in goal difference (Brain -1, Indonesia -3).

In the end, the fate will be decided in the match between Oman (1 point, -1) and Kyrgyzstan (0 point). If the two teams are tied, Indonesia will go to the round of 16 teams. If Oman wins, it will be eliminated, which is a waste, and if Kyrgyzstan wins, it will have to decide the goal difference. Indeed, they have to watch the 90-minute match with anxiety.

After the match against Japan, Shin calmly admitted his defeat. “Congratulations on Japan’s victory. As expected, Japan was a good team. I have to admit it. I acknowledge the result, but I have a lot of complaints against the referee. I want to applaud the players for their hard work,” he said, accepting the result.

However, there is one thing to pay attention to. It is his complaint against the referee. The match was watched by Qatari national Kamis al-Marie. He was the first referee in the tournament. After VAR in the 6th minute of the first half, he declared a penalty kick, pointing out that Indonesia’s central defender Wilsey tripped Ueda.

In some cases, it was possible to judge that Ueda had been pushed to fall from the moment he was caught, but referee Al-Marie cleared it up with a penalty kick. It was the moment when Indonesia’s strategy collapsed to face off strongly from the start.

Shin also received a warning from referee Al Mari at five minutes into the second half. He repeatedly complained about the decision and said, “Why.” It was an ordinary flag fight, but it was like a message to Indonesian players to be proactive as they were fighting on the bench.

Referee Al-Marie turned a blind eye to the Japanese defense’s handball foul play in the second half. In the 30th minute, while Witan Suleiman was hitting the right side of the penalty area, Goki attempted a tackle. At the moment, the ball reached his hand. It happened at the boundary of the penalty area. The right hand swept the ball into the penalty area. It is true that there was an awkward part to see as a natural move, but the referee turned a blind eye. The referee informed us that the waiting was a foul, but the final decision was up to the referee and he was seen dragging the game as it was.

Regarding this, Indonesian media “Detik” said, “It is true that there was an unreasonable part in the judgment as if Shin complained of unfairness. The handball foul should have also declared a penalty in the opinion of the international referee.” Since the team scored a comeback goal in extra time, if the penalty kick was recognized, the direction of the game could have been unknown.

Some parts are incomprehensible. Referee Al-Marie will also play in the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) while overseeing the Qatar Star League. The Jeonbuk Hyundai-Lion City (Singapore) team that took place at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium in October was also the referee.

What is more surprising than that is that he saw the referee in the J-League. After watching two consecutive friendly matches between Japan-El Salvador (waiting) and Japan-Peru (waiting) in June, he sat down in Japan and served as referee in the match against Shonan Belmare-Sagan Tosu, Vissel Kobe-Consadore Sapporo, Urawa Reds-FC Tokyo, Yokohama F. Marinos-Kawasaki Frontale, J-League 2 (second division) Jubilo Iwata-Banfore Gofu.

You may see the J-League referee, but it is not understood in common sense to manage the national team’s game on the stage where he played. It is difficult to know from what background he saw the J-League referee and went back, but at least it was enough to be suspected that he made a decision that was not unfavorable to Japan.

Shin’s anger appears to be at this point as well. It was an allocation that should not have been suspected, but the team failed to earn a point after the game, and was left waiting for the “God of soccer” to be chosen. 안전놀이터 추천

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