Still, Oracle Park has an advantage over left-handed batters.

It has an asymmetric structure with different left and right lengths of the outfield, and the distance to the right fence is very short at 94.1m.

Barry Bonds, who ranks first in home runs (762) in the Major League and has the largest number of home runs (73) in a single season, has frequently hit home runs over the right fence of Oracle Park. For this reason, Oracle Park was called the stadium that was built for Bonds.

However, it is not as easy for other hitters to produce home runs as Bonds. The height of the right fence is 7.3 meters, which is higher than the height of 6 meters at Sajik Stadium in Busan that the Lotte Giants posted to reduce the number of homeruns. San Francisco also only drew an average of one arch per game at its home ground for the 2023 season.

However, it is easy for a left-handed batter to produce long balls such as double or triple. Oracle Park’s right-center length is 126.5 meters, which makes it difficult for right fielders and center fielders to defend. If a left-handed batter pulls in the right-center direction, it is highly likely to lead to long balls.

San Francisco also saw that Lee Jung-hoo could take full advantage of this advantage. As a right-handed hitter, Lee Jung-hoo showed off his best batting skills in the KBO League. He can hit in-play with any ball, such as pushing and pulling, and he has the ability to intentionally focus on certain courses. He has fast feet, so he can run one more base.

Lee Jung-hoo is a middle-distance hitter, not a long-distance hitter. He has only 65 home runs in the KBO League, but has 244 doubles and 43 triples. He is a batter who could be a good fit for Oracle Park.

San Francisco has the culture of “splash hits.” San Francisco’s local media and fans call the ocean behind the right fence McCorvey after franchise star Willie McCorvey, and when San Francisco’s batters hit a home run, they call it a “splash hit.”

San Francisco has announced the achievement of the splash hit on its official website. Since Oracle Park opened in 2000, a total of 102 splash hits have been recorded, with Bonds overwhelmingly topping the list with 35 episodes. Lee Jung-hoo can also make the list if he hits a home run over the right fence, which is 7 meters tall.

The away team player also dropped 61 home runs due to McCormick, and Choi Hee-sup in 2004 and Choo Shin-soo in 2020 each scored as a Korean player.토토사이트 추천

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