Lotte Giants called out Oh Sun-jin (34), an infielder of the Hanwha Eagles, in the second round. Something that you didn’t say happened.

Lotte, which sent the FA (free agent) An Chi-hong (33), to Hanwha, took veteran Oh Sun-jin to reinforce the infield. In fact, An Chi-hong and Oh Sun-jin changed their uniforms and wore them. On November 20, two days before the second draft, Hanwha announced its contract with An Chi-hong.

An Chi-hong, a graduate of Seoul High School, and Oh Sun-jin, a graduate of Seongnam High School, have known each other since high school days. If An Chi-hong’s contract was delayed a few days a year later, the two could have joined Hanwha. Oh Sun-jin, who is in his 17th year as a professional player, left Hanwha again. He was traded to Samsung Lions and returned to FA a year ago, but he transferred again. “If I had known this, I would not have cried (when I moved to Samsung),” he said in an interview right after his FA contract.

Soon after returning to Hanwha, she married in Daejeon and opened her own newlywed house. Jang Min-jae (33) and Lee Tae-yang (33) are the only veterans in their 30s who started out at Hanwha. Oh Sun-jin joined the Eagles as a designated player in the second and fourth rounds in 2008, Jang Min-jae in the second and third rounds in 2009, and Lee Tae-yang in the fifth round in 2010. Lee, who was traded to SSG Landers, became an FA and returned to Hanwha at the end of last year. Jang is the only player who started out at Hanwha and played as a player.

Jang is currently an FA. He played for Hanwha for 15 years and became a free agent. He feels light as he is in the C grade without any compensation players. However, it does not seem that Jang is considering transferring. “He conveyed the terms of the contract. But he also wanted to find out about other teams,” said an official from Hanwha.

Hanwha signed a three-year, 930 million won (930,000 U.S. dollars) free agent contract with Jang at the end of last year. The deal includes 150 million won (120,037 dollars) in incentives. He seems to have offered Jang a similar contract terms. He showed lackluster performance in this season ahead of the free agent deal. He started as a starting pitcher and ended up in the second division twice. He stayed in the second division for more than two months. He moved to the first division in the second half and became an intermediate pitcher. In the last three games in October, he allowed one hit and no run in two ⅔.

In 25 games this season, he posted 3-8-1 holds and an ERA of 4.83.69 innings. The number of innings pitched fell to about half of last year’s. He certainly played a necessary role for his team, but his weight has decreased compared to last year. He pitched 126 ⅔ in 32 games (25 starts) last season. He posted 7-8 losses and an ERA of 3.55. When foreign pitchers left due to injuries and the starting rotation collapsed, he appeared as a “super hero” to endure. He recorded the most wins and most innings in a single season. 토토사이트 추천

It seems difficult to get the best contract with this year’s performance. Even if there is a nature of compensation for contribution, the FA contract has no choice but to evaluate the player’s value with future performance. Of course, the story is different if a team interested in recruiting Jang Min-jae appears. An official from Hanwha said, “We will schedule a meeting with satisfaction. I will not rush it.”

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