Attention is focusing on where Na Sang-ho, who is also in contact with European teams, will be at his final destination.

According to Japanese media reports including Sports Nippon, J-League’s Machida Gelbia is negotiating with Na Sang-ho’s side.

Machida Zelvia will challenge in the first division for the first time in the team’s history by winning the second division title in the 2023 season. It is the second time in history that the team has advanced to the top-tier league starting from the third division. Tokyo is also based in Machida, and its parent company is an IT cyber agent. It is known that the team wants Na Sang-ho, who has experience in the J-League, to strengthen his capability.

“I played for FC Tokyo in 2019 and scored two goals in 25 games, and returned to the K-League in June 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic,” Sports Nippon said. “I scored 11 points this season, and as a member of the Korean national team, I scored two goals in 28 A-match games. I also played in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.”

It remains to be seen whether Na will choose to go to Japan. A source from Na explained, “He is the most ambitious team among the teams that have announced their intention to recruit him, but nothing has been decided.” The source said, “We are discussing with three to four teams including the European small and medium-sized league team, excluding Machida Zelvia.”

For Na, Japan was not the land of opportunity. He did not show impressive performance due to the lack of chances to play in the starting lineup. He played in 25 games, but played a total of 678 minutes, and the average playing time per game was only about 27 minutes. Na left on loan to Seongnam FC in June 2020, the year after joining FC Tokyo, and moved to FC Seoul in January 2021, shortly after the loan period ended.

Given his strong willingness to move to Europe, chances are high that his trip to Japan will be considered as his last option. FC Seoul will have the right to negotiate with Na, who will be released as a free agent next year. Na may contact other clubs, but she must inform her current clubs when signing a deal. “Since Na actually failed in the J-League, we are seeing many different possibilities,” a source from Na said.

As a former member of the Korean national team, Na is expected to focus her efforts on advancing to the European leagues first to recover her self-esteem. Until July, Na had scored 11 goals to compete with Joo Min-kyu (Ulsan) and others, but ended the season by only adding one more goal. Meanwhile, only Jurgen Klins was not called to the team under coach system, and his position was reduced as he was also lagging behind Moon Seon-min (Jeonbuk Hyundai), a national team striker candidate. 메이저사이트

Prior to this, Na did not hide his ambition to advance to the European leagues. Kim Min-jae, an undisputed center-back for the Korean national team, took the starting position at Bayern Munich (Germany), a prestigious club in the world, and Hwang In-beom (Zvezda) paved the way for his advance to the big leagues by scoring goals in the UEFA group league against Manchester City (England). To catch the eyes of Coach Klinsmann, who prefers European leagues, Na also needs to have time to prove her commitment on the European leagues.

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