The casino has 36 slot machines and five game tables.

The Insignia, the first of two Oceania-operated cruise ships, will begin operations Saturday in Marseille to several destinations around the West Mediterranean Sea until the end of September 2003, before resuming operations in May 2004. The second vessel, the Regata, will start operations in July 2003. The Century Casino will also operate a casino on the Regata, and under a long-term casino concession agreement, it will have the first right to deny any new ships that will be launched from Oceania.

The company also reports that it has completed a 10% stake in Casino Millennium a.s., a company that operates casinos at the Marriott Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, previously reported through its Austrian subsidiary Century Management u.Bteiligungs GmbH. The deal is the first step toward completing an agreement to purchase 50% of Casino Millennium. The company’s total contribution to the 50% stake will amount to $1.088 million, including cash, gaming equipment, and advance payments on the original pre-opening costs.

Century Casino is an international casino company that owns and operates The Caledon Casino, Hotel & Spa, located near Cape Town, South Africa, and owns and manages a 10% stake in Millennium Casino, located at the Marriott Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. 온라인카지노

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