“Park Hae-min is a player that cannot be left out.”

“Park Hae-min is an indispensable player. He has that great ability.” LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yeop praised Park Hae-min (34).

Prior to the game against the Lotte Giants in Jamsil on Wednesday last week, Yeom recalled finishing with no outs in the bottom of the ninth inning. Third baseman Park Hae-min scored a finishing run after tag-up when Ahn Ik-hoon hit a fly ball to center field. Lotte deployed forward defense, and the center fielder approached the position not far from the second base. Ahn’s hit became vague between shortstop and center fielder. As the center fielder caught the ball in a difficult position, Park took a picture of the home plate after tag-up.

“The play was made based on individual ability. The Lotte center fielder’s pitching was not normal. He needed two more steps to throw the ball to the top of the pitch,” Yeom said. “Park Hae-min, who expected this, scored with an aggressive base running. Even with the help of the base running coach, the player could not have played without the player’s sense and judgment.”

Yeom continued to give a thumbs-up to Park’s value. “Park Hae-min is a player who cannot be taken out even if his bat does not fit well. He helps his team and teammates in various areas,” he said. “From the standpoint of a pitcher on the mound, it is not necessary to mention the defensive capability of the center line. From the standpoint of a pitcher, what a pitcher feels is different whether Park Hae-min is present or not,” he said. “This is why he consistently puts his batting in the order of eighth, even if his batting pace is not good recently. Moreover, he is fast and has a good bunt ability. When he gets on base, he helps his team score points a lot.” 토토사이트

Yeom believes Park Hae-min’s play saved several players. New closer Yoo Young-chan, who failed to keep the lead by two points in the top of the ninth inning, was also able to minimize the impact. If Yoo had played the game incorrectly, he would have been shocked, and the LG bullpen could have faced more difficulties.

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