First Children’s Day as an ambassador for Seongnam FC’s ‘Pororo’

Seongnam FC in the K League 2 announced on Wednesday that it has recruited Pororo, a popular animation character, as its promotional ambassador through free agency. The registered name is Pororo and he will join Seongnam with the number 12.

Pororo, who played on various children’s platforms, will wear Seongnam’s uniform in the 2024 season and engage in various activities.

Seongnam plans to promote and collaborate with Pororo on May 5 (Sun), starting with Hana Bank’s K League 2 2024 home game against Suwon Samsung on Children’s Day.

Pororo is called the president of the character world, which has become an essential element for the generation of young parents. Currently, he has 37.5 billion views and recognition of his cumulative video views and is loved by all ages due to his good work quality.

Iconix Co., Ltd., the producer of Seongnam FC and Pororo Co., Ltd., plans to carry out various activities starting with a home game against Suwon Samsung on Children’s Day on May 5 (Sun). Pororo will be able to meet at home games on Children’s Day both inside and outside, and will be joined by Seongnam citizens and Seongnam FC fans through various promotional activities annually.

In addition, Seongnam FC is preparing various events with Pororo in May. It is expected that the team will collaborate in various fields, including home game events and photo zones, and help secure children and family fans for May’s Family Month along with the existing cute Seongnam FC mascots Kao and Kkabi.

Kim Young-ha, CEO of Seongnam FC, said, “Pororo is the representative character that all children like. It will entertain many families and children’s fans from Children’s Day, which will be accompanied by Kao and Kabi, the mascots representing the club. I hope this May will be a warm month when we can let Seongnam FC know through friendly characters like Pororo and feel the joy of soccer together.”

Meanwhile, Pororo joined Seongnam FC as an ambassador after a brief medical treatment. Just yesterday (17th), he had his first meeting with Seongnam FC mascots Kao and Kabi and shared various opinions before playing at their home games in May. Details can be found on Seongnam FC’s SNS. 토토

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