Its general meaning refers to a space commemorating a person or organization that has left outstanding achievements, achievements, or reputation in the field of sports or art. It often appears in the form of a museum.

Sports run Hall of Fame in various sports, and baseball is a representative example. When you think of a Hall of Fame, you can easily think of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Built in 1936 in Cooperstown, New York, the U.S., its history is almost 90 years old. It displays films and newspaper clippings that reveal the history of modern baseball that began in the mid-19th century, baseball memorabilia and photos, as well as copper plates of players and leaders who entered the Hall of Fame.

Japanese baseball has been operating the 野球殿 Hall of Fame since 1959, remembering several figures who made Japanese baseball stand out. The building moved to Tokyo Dome in 1988. The building will be operated in conjunction with the Japan Baseball Hall of Fame Museum. Metal reliefs with the faces of the inductees are on display in the same form as the National Baseball Hall of Fame in the U.S.

However, the Korean pro baseball, which was launched in 1982, does not have a Hall of Fame yet. It is like saying that many legends have been produced over the 42 years, and the narratives that they have produced have been created, but they have not been able to remember them properly.

Of course, the team is pushing ahead with the construction. It has been decided to build a baseball hall in the form of a museum in Gijang County, Busan. However, it seems that the team is opening its first shovel 10 years after discussing the construction. There were differences of opinion among the Korea Baseball Organization, Busan Metropolitan City, and Gijang County on the subject of the construction and operation of the museum and its ownership. After only a few days passed, Gijang County became the subject of ownership and operation, gaining momentum. It is expected to open by 2026.

After many twists and turns, a baseball museum and a hall of fame will be created 50 years after the launch of professional baseball and 120 years after Korean baseball. Although it is too late, it is important to remember the history of Korean baseball, records of Korean baseball, and the honor of those who have shone in Korean baseball by referring to overseas cases.

First, it is necessary to establish a standard for selecting a person to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It is common to derive standards from individual players’ game records. However, as in the case of the United States, it is necessary to classify the players’ records in detail and score them. This has the advantage of efficiently selecting fair and transparent targets in that it is an objective indicator.

Next, it is necessary to expand the archive center function to systematically manage these vast records. A separate site can be established by converting the records accumulated since the first year of professional baseball into a database, and it can be used for a variety of purposes by leaders, players, the general public, and educational institutions as well as by selecting candidates for the Hall of Fame. It is necessary to establish a separate site, which will function as richer sports content.

In the 50 years to come, professional baseball has grown into Korea’s cultural asset. For the next 50 years and 100 years, professional baseball must consider its value as a cultural heritage. And it should be a Hall of Fame. Honour is an intangible concept, but in order to protect it, you must commemorate the people, events, and organizations that made professional baseball stand out. Only then can the honor shine more. 토토사이트

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