“San Francisco and Lee Jung-hoo have agreed to a contract.”

The deal is worth 111 million U.S. dollars for six years. The deal includes an opt-out that allows the user to give up the remaining contract four years later and enter the free agent market.

Lee Jung-hoo, who entered the professional league with the first nomination of the Nexen Heroes (now Kiwoom) in 2017, will fulfill his dream of entering the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) wearing a San Francisco uniform.

San Francisco, which finished fourth (79-83) in the 2023 National League West, appointed Melvin as its new head coach in October.

Having taken the helm of the Seattle Mariners in 2003, Melvin later led the Arizona Diamondbacks (2005-2009), the Oakland Athletics (2011-2021), and the San Diego Padres (2022-2023). He was recognized for his leadership by winning the Coach of the Year Award in 2012, 2017, and 2018.

Melvin is also well-known for having deep bonds with Asian players. Previously, he was a leader and player with Ichiro Suzuki, Hideo Nomo, and Korean Major Leaguer Kim Byung-hyun.

It is familiar to domestic fans as a relationship with Kim Ha-sung.

Coach Melvin took over in San Diego in 2022, when Kim Ha-sung entered his second year in the big league.

Kim Ha-sung, who served as a backup infielder between second and third basemen and shortstop in 2021, has clearly established himself as a key infielder since Melvin’s inauguration. Kim played 131 games as shortstop last year and 106 games as second baseman this year. He also utilized Kim Ha-sung’s ability to play diverse defense.

Through this, Kim has further enhanced his presence in the big leagues. This year, he was nominated for second base and utility gold glove, and won the title in utility. He is the first Asian infielder to achieve this feat.

Kim Ha-sung confessed, “The most memorable congratulatory message after receiving the Gold Glove was Melvin. I heard, ‘You were one of the best players I ever met. It was nice to be with you.'” Kim Ha-sung also sent a long letter when Melvin left the team.

Now, Melvin will work with Lee Jung-hoo, the best star in the KBO League. The leadership of Melvin, who led Kim Ha-sung to become a top player in the big league, is expected to be of great help to Lee Jung-hoo. 토토사이트

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