There was a movie-like incident

The popular Vancouver racetrack witnessed an unexpected arrest made by the Canadian Border Services Agency in cooperation with the gaming policy and enforcement department at Hastings racetrack.

Employees, riders and horse owners were in trouble after a threatening situation in which they witnessed agents asking nationality-related questions targeting Mexican racetracks. Some were asked to present their identification cards, and 26 of them were eventually handcuffed and dragged away without explanation.

GPEB inspector claims forged license
It’s safe to say that this situation interfered with peace on the racetrack because the people left behind and the horse owners who hired Mexican workers for the live season heard nothing about the nature of the arrest.

Staff were very worried about their colleagues, telling reporters they didn’t know when they would see them again. Over the past few hours, Leanne Miller’s lawyer has released more information on the subject and put an end to all speculation about the sudden arrest.

The British Columbia game policy and enforcement department found information suggesting that a Mexican employee may be working at Hastings Racecourse with a registration card intended for use by another individual.

Hastings Racecourse Witness Arrested, Suspected Violation of Immigration Protection Law
Brandon Carion Gomez was informed earlier this summer that she could work on the racecourse as a groom and followed all the prerequisites for obtaining a GPEB’s license. In this sense, he has nothing to do with counterfeiting because he is known to involve GPEB’s inspectors.

Continuing the investigation
The official, whose identity has not been disclosed for the time being, is known to have forged the documents by taking pictures and replacing them. Carillion Gomez said the mandatory authorization for operations cost about C$1,000 – an unusually high cost compared to the mandatory paperwork. He was one of the workers arrested Monday morning.

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Another Mexican worker, even though horse owners hired him for years, did not have mandatory documents. Javier Olalde Angel said he was receiving a biweekly cash payment of C$1,000 but also paid C$600 for proper legal paperwork that would allow him to work there. Carion Gomez will have to return to Mexico in the near future.

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Arrests made by the agents suggest that there was a breach of the Customs Act or the Immigrant Refugee Protection Act. However, the Canadian Border Service has not confirmed this for the time being. All the agents have highlighted is that there is an ongoing investigation. 슬롯사이트

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