International Baro Hospital, which has been actively participating in social contribution activities for Incheon for a long time.

First of all, International Baro Hospital invited a total of 400 baseball students, parents, and alumni associations from four schools, including Incheon High School, Jemulpo High School, Dongsan High School, and Deokjeok High School, to the baseball stadium to provide opportunities to watch baseball.

SSG then donated the game ball to the baseball team, which was prepared with about 10.56 million won in ticket sales for the 2022 Champions Fan Festival, which was held in December last year to commemorate the club’s integrated victory. The ball was delivered to the baseball teams of four schools with a total of 132 strokes (composed of 12 pitches in a one-shot box), 33 strokes each.

The donation delivery ceremony was attended by four baseball team captains, SSG Lee Jong-hoon, Incheon Community Chest of Korea Chairman Cho Sang-beom, and Incheon Baseball Softball Association Chairman Yoon Seung-man.

In addition, the baseball team students invited that day participated in the pre-game event and made pleasant memories at the baseball stadium. Lee Jung-joon, director of the International Baro Hospital, and Han Kyu-hyuk, a baseball team at Incheon High School, participated in the first pitch and hit, while Kim Gun-ho, a baseball team at Jemulpo High School, participated as a catcher. Dongsan High School baseball team then participated in the national anthem, and Deokjeok High School baseball team participated in the “Amazing Road” event where they greeted starting line-up players with high fives.

Meanwhile, International Baro Hospital, along with SSG Choi Jeong, has been conducting a “home run campaign of love” to support the underprivileged’s own expenses for artificial joint surgery for 12 years since 2012. 토토사이트

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