150km to zero, the best left-hander scent

Kiwoom Heroes’ early season was dismal. They lost four consecutive games in the season due to the assessment that their power was weak. There was talk of “one medicine” in the baseball world. It was on the verge of becoming a multiplier vending machine.

What’s going on? It’s even more shocking than the Hanwha Eagles’ seven-game winning streak. After four consecutive losses, the team had six consecutive wins. Now, it seems that they will seriously hurt their feelings if they take Kiwoom as an easy target.

At the center of the game is foreign starter Enmanuel de Heissus. He started the game against the Hanwha Eagles at Gocheok Sky Dome on Wednesday, and led his team to an 11-7 victory by allowing three runs in six innings of quality start pitching.

He pitched well again following seven scoreless innings in the previous game against the LG Twins. He allowed three runs, and two solo shots were hit by Roh Si-hwan and Jonathan Peraza. It was an inevitable homerun that he allowed while pitching aggressively. Opponent hitters played well, and Jesus overwhelmed Hanwha batters for the rest. Going in so aggressively, it was possible to pitch efficiently to reduce the number of pitches. He showed that it is better to play a game even if one solo home run is hit when there is no runner.

In fact, he had to misunderstand about Jesus. It was his KBO league debut game against the NC Dinos, where he lost five runs (four earned runs) in three ⅓ innings. He was in poor pitching then. He had good ball power, but he couldn’t control his pitches at all. He had a wild form and gave the impression that he was a fast pitcher but lacked ball control. He had three walks and two walks.

That may be why Kiwoom had a worse outlook. Still, the team had to win when foreign pitchers came out, but the team’s atmosphere was inevitably deteriorated considering that ace Ariel Furado was also sluggish and even Jesus showed no chance.

However, it is a twist. At the game against LG, he started to control the ball. When he was controlled, the 150-km fastball that a left-handed pitcher sprinkled felt like a wild pitch. “I prepared as I thought, but he was a much better pitcher than I thought. I felt the angle at which the slider flowed was particularly good,” said Oh Ji-hwan, captain of LG who faced off against Heysus.

Hanwha hitters couldn’t hold their breath when their changeups fell well on strong fastballs. They threw sliders, curves, and cut fastballs together. It’s never an easy pitcher to hit. As long as he controls the ball.

“The game against NC was my first game in the KBO league. So I had a hard time. I decided to show more things than nervousness, and that’s why I got the result. But the more I play, the more I’m adapting to the strike zone,” he said, explaining the reason for the change. “As I pitch more aggressively to the strike zone, I’m getting good results. I’m taking a strategy in a good way. I believe in my ball. So I can throw like that aggressive. I’m satisfied with my speed and movement of the ball,” he added.

Meanwhile, Heysus was suddenly replaced as he felt uncomfortable with his adductor muscle while pitching against Hanwha. Fortunately, it was not a major injury, but as a precautionary measure, he reportedly informed the coaching staff of his condition. 토토사이트먹튀

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