“I hope those days will come again.”

Kim Heon-gon, 36, a veteran of the Samsung Lions, dreamed of re-enacting the era of Oengjo. In the 2024 professional baseball game against the KIA Tigers at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 6th, he played as a pinch hitter and hit a golden finishing double to lead the team to a 7-4 victory. He played a decisive role in ending the team’s eight-game losing streak that had been boring. He was a bent tree to protect the mountain.

There was a tight race, in which the teams of must-winners competed early and exchanged reversal and re-turns. To be precise, it was a difficult game for Samsung, which failed to properly utilize multiple scoring chances. It seemed to be a trend that could continue its losing streak again. However, An Ju-hyeong hit a fantastic bunt hit in the top of the ninth inning and stole second base, unraveling the clue.

It was Gong’s at-bat with one out and a runner on the third base. Until then, Kim supported Kim to score runs with all his heart. When Gong’s squeeze bunt became a foul, coach Park Jin-man suddenly sent Kim out as a substitute. He expected an in-play hit by utilizing his contact capability. As a veteran, he did not get nervous and hit a timely double that fell to the center field.

It was a decisive blow to bring about a win against Jeon, who had not given any points in six consecutive games until the previous day. The dugout and Samsung fans cheered in unison. The RBI in a whopping 592 days saved his team from eight consecutive losses. When a follow-up hitter made a timely hit, he even stepped on his home plate and scored a point. He only had eight at-bats this year, but he became a hero in a difficult situation.

After the game, he said, “Not only me, but all the players were cheering for the escape from consecutive losses. I went out without panicking because I said I could go out as a substitute at any time. The runner was on third base and the forward defense, so I thought to make an in-play hit accordingly. I got a good result because I made a mistake. I focused on the situation cool-headedly,” he said.

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to play baseball, but now that I don’t give up, I feel like this day will come. The team was in a really tough situation, but I feel the most happy to be able to end the losing streak. All the players, including Minho and Ja-wook, congratulated me fiercely, and I was touched. Those feelings are important. When other players went to bat, they cheered as if I were playing. I thought that was a team,” he said with an emotional expression.

Personally, it was a finishing hit that washed away a little bit of sluggishness over the past two years. It was all the more special for him. “I felt so sorry for the fans. I cursed a lot and stuff. It was really tough. Anyway, because I had my role to play, I never gave up and did my best, and I feel like I’m wearing a uniform until now.”

Kim Heon-gon was a member of the Samsung Dynasty from 2011 to 2016. He is the last contributor among wild beasts. That’s why I can’t help but miss those days more. “I wasn’t the mainstay of the dynasty. I know that I experienced it as a backup and it was really good. I hope my young friends can become the main players as soon as possible and face such a period again,” he said. 토토

Lastly, he said, “There are so many young outfielders who are so good in our team. I don’t know what kind of situation I will be put into, but I wanted to help young players get used to it. I wanted to contribute to the team that was put into any situation. I want to help the team move in a good direction. I have no goal. I just prepare for my role in any situation,” he said.

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