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The unprecedented situation has mandated the closure and reopening of casino properties to promote physical distancing and protect both customers and casino employees depending on their occupation. Casino operators continue to work with the provincial government to ensure strict compliance with health recommendations and act accordingly. Now it’s time to reopen the casino hotspot.

Pickering Casino Resort is now ready to welcome individuals and serve them with many attractive products. There are about 2,400 slot machines scattered across the game floor, attracting players with premium games and features. The state-of-the-art technology implemented within it enables them to experience future-oriented gambling as well as beloved classical titles.

In addition to them, there are 100 live table games that increase gambling potential and add more features to classic casino games. Some of the leading software vendors on a global scale support them. Regarding the live dealer stadium game terminal, the Pickering Casino Resort boasts 140 game terminals and is fully functional for customers to enjoy. If you are looking for a variety of dining options, this is also a good place.

Pickering Casino Resort has a total of 10 dining areas. The first phase of the complex’s reopening plan will introduce game products along with food and beverage amenities. All of this reduces capacity levels, allowing customers to physically distance themselves from each other and play safe direct gambling. The rest of the resort’s site will be greenlit in late 2022.

What should we expect?
The company’s interim chief executive, Terrence Doyle, noted that the reopening would mean starting work for the 600 individuals working on the premises. The casino resort has made great strides in Ontario, opening for the first time in 16 years. The hotspot was supposed to start operations in April 2020, but an unprecedented situation forced the launch to be postponed.

In the past, casino llama resort executives have expressed concerns about the new project, which will inevitably attract some of their existing customers. Casino llamas can attract people from Ajax, Pickering, and Markham. Rival casinos will be the first competitors to enter this deep into the acceptance area of Gateway Casino’s casino resort. The real impact of these launches is expected to be seen in the coming years.

In mid-July this year, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation revealed more about casinos in Ontario and ultimately reopening casinos. The company launched 11 properties: Casino Woodbine, Great Blue Heron Casino, Casino Ajax, Element Casino Mohawk, Element Casino Flamboro, Element Casino Brandford, Element Casino Grand River, Showline Casino Belville, Showline Casino Peterborough, Showline Casino Thousand Island, and Kawarta Downs.


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