“Your efforts were not wasted”

Right-hander Kim Min-woo is one of the resources that Hanwha has high expectations for. He was selected as the first round (ranked first overall) of the second round of the 2015 rookie draft. He has grown step by step. He reported 14 wins (10) and an ERA of 4.00 in 29 games in 2021. Even in the dark ages of his team, Kim shined. He did not continue his good trend. He had more losses than wins in the last two years. In particular, he had a hard time due to injuries and sluggishness last season. He had only one win, six losses and a 6.97 ERA in 12 games. He finished the season with a ruptured right shoulder muscle in June.

Again, I had to stand up. I sweated diligently. I registered at the Seattle Driveline Baseball Center last winter and focused on individual training. He also changed his pitching form. He used to have long intervals in the league. Now he is different. He has become even faster and more cheerful. He decided to abandon wind-ups and go to quick motion. Changing a pattern that he has become accustomed to for a long time is never easy. This shows how determined he has been. As his ball speed and ball power went up, he gained confidence.

Gradually, he drew an upward curve. From the spring camp to the exhibition games, he pitched heavy balls. He confidently survived the competition with Lee Tae-yang, Kim Ki-joong and Hwang Joon-seo. From “Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin to next-generation ace Moon Dong-ju, foreign one-two punch Felix Peña and Ricardo Sanchez. He joined the tightly packed starting rotation. He started as a third starter. “I have worked really hard since the camp. I wanted to join the starting lineup somehow, but I’m happy to get such a good result,” Kim said.

He is displaying robust pitching capability. He pitched five innings as a starting pitcher in an away game against the SSG held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Tuesday. He allowed two hits, walked three and no runs. He also struck out six. Detailed indicators are good. He was able to speed up to 148 kilometers in ball speed. He also struck out three batters in a row with his signature weapon, forkball, from the first inning. “Talking a lot with (catcher) (Choi) Jae-hoon and (Lee) Jae-won before the game helped me greatly,” Kim Min-woo said.

He became the winning pitcher on his first pitch. This is a completely different picture from his first win in May last season (against Doosan Bears in Jamsil on the 3rd). Needless to say, his performance will be even more resilient. “I think this is the first time I have won my first game of this season as a starting pitcher. I think I am in a better mood than ever before,” Kim said with a big smile. The goal is to play as many innings as possible for my team as usual. “I will try harder to throw more innings than I have ever thrown,” Kim said. 토토사이트먹튀

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