Kang Sang-jae, the No. 1 contributor to domestic players and captain

Wonju DB won 107-103 in the sixth round against Suwon KT in 2023-2024 professional basketball held at Wonju Gymnasium on the 14th.

It was Kang Sang-jae who Kim Joo-sung mentioned before the start of the game and after the game.

Coach Kim Joo-sung said, “Kang Sang-jae escaped his personality as the captain. He led his seniors and juniors well even though he was in the middle of his age. He is a good player, but I am very happy that he is in full bloom this season.”

In line with this, Kang is ranking first in contribution by Korean players this season. He played an average of 32 minutes and 51 seconds in 47 games, posting 14.1 points, 6.3 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and one steal.

In addition to his skillful side, Kang has succeeded in getting his team back on track, perfectly playing the role of captain off the court.

“All the team members played more than 100 percent of roles in their respective positions. Before the season, not many people considered DB as a candidate for the championship. However, we were close to being a super team,” Kang said, showing off his confidence.

When Kang was wearing the DB uniform, he had to change his position to No. 3. Having strong mind since the off-season, Kang has increased his speed by losing more than 10 kilograms, and his activities have increased, showing a clear rise in both offense and defense.

“Even before the opening of the season, I thought the team’s performance was up to me. It wasn’t close to perfection, but I think it showed activity and performance that matched the third position. That’s how I was able to achieve the championship,” Kang said.

After winning the championship, manager Kim Joo-sung came into the interview room and picked turning point for this season as his cup competition. DB lost to KT due to disappointing performance at the time, and had to pack up early and return to Wonju.

“We had a lot of video meetings after losing to KT. I took some time off even though I had some time to rest, and I enhanced my training intensity by giving up my vacation. The players followed suit without complaining,” Kang recalled.

Kang said, “I have doubted myself since the offseason. I prepared hard, thinking that it was my last chance in my basketball career. Not only me, but Lawson, Albano, and Kim Jong-gyu are all good enough in their respective positions. I will desperately prepare to become the perfect No. 3 player from now on.”

Currently, the domestic MVP is divided into a two-way match between Lee Sun-bano and Kang Sang-jae.

“I think this award is something that only a really good winning team can win,” Kang said. “I had a great opportunity while I was playing, and I think I should aim for it when I have the chance to win it (laughs). Albano was very nice to me, but of course, as a player, I have no choice but to be greedy. I really want to ride it,” he said, expressing his ambition.

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