Courdalen Casino Resort Hotel over the weekend after earning more than $250,000 (about $262,820)

It’s understandable considering he was at the resort to play golf.

(refused to give one’s last name) A man named Kevin said, “I’ve played Cycling Raven Golf Club at a casino before and I’ve played it last weekend,” adding, “But this is my first time in a casino.”

It must be Kevin’s accidental decision to use this money to buy a new car to greatly increase his savings. At first, he didn’t know he had hit the jackpot while playing “Hn Lamque,” a popular “Buffalo” video game console in the casino’s High Limit VIP gaming room.

“I was in the bonus spin sequence, and it just kept building up through that free spin,” he recalled. “I didn’t know where the jackpot would stop. It was a thrilling ride.”

He wasn’t the only emotional guest at the Courdalen Casino Resort Hotel last weekend. Two bingo players hit a $120,000 “Cash Cow” jackpot. Both are regular guests and bingo veterans.


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