It’s a real thing!” Hanwha Ferrazaro Dynamite’s batting line-up green light

Last month, when the camp was in full swing, the big issue was Jonathan Peraza, 26, a new foreign hitter of the Hanwha Eagles. The rave reviews for Peraza, which started at the Melbourne Spring Camp in Australia, spread to Okinawa, Japan, and Arizona, the U.S.

A team coach who had a camp in Arizona said in the middle of last month, “There are already rumors about Peraza. I heard it’s really good. It’s just that the product came in, but it’s definitely different from watching the video.”

Expectations and evaluations are becoming a reality as of the 12th, when the exhibition game is in full swing. It is Peraza, who signals the “completion” of Hanwha’s batting lineup by swinging the bat without hesitation. In the opening game of the exhibition game against Samsung on the 9th, he showed a batting show in full crowd with multiple hits, including home runs. In the match against KIA in Daejeon on the 12th, he also helped his team win 9-1 completely with one hit and one walk, including a timely hit.

Above all, what can be meaningful to him is the batting order. Choi continues to play in the second batting order, one of Choi’s long-cherished dream. Choi considers the second batting order important, as he deployed Noh Si-hwan as the second batter since taking the helm in May last year. If there is a slugger at the second, chances are high that he will make a big inning in the beginning of a game. In the middle to the second half of a game, the second batter may revive the chance that he created in the lower batting order.

If Jung Eun-won, who recorded a 0.407 on-base percentage two years ago, plays as a leadoff, he will operate a powerful top batting order from No. 2 to Peraza, An Chi-hong, Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-sung. Hanwha has strength on the mound rather than hitting, but if Peraza breaks through a bow at No. 2, his offense is also likely to improve from last year.

The same happened in the game against KIA on Sunday. As opposing starting pitcher Jang Min-ki lost control of his ball control, he scored nine points to seal the victory. Following the first batter Choi In-ho, Peraza drew a walk, and with runners on the first and second bases with one out, Noh Si-hwan fired a finishing three-run shot. After the batter’s box went around once, Peraza made a timely hit with the bases loaded. As if to welcome Ryu’s return, he scored points generously.

“Debs is not good enough yet. This is why the performance of key players is important. This is especially true for foreign players. Only when a team performs like a foreign player can a team complete the pennant race without any ups or downs. That was not the case last year. Neither foreign hitter Brian O’Grady nor Nick Williams answered.

Peraza could be different. As he is in his mid-20s, there is a possibility that his skills will improve in Korea. Hanwha expects Peraza to be the last puzzle in the top batting order. 토토사이트

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