Will Change Professional Baseball in 2024!

Professional baseball exhibition games are in full swing these days.

There are interesting changes in professional baseball this season.

It is the introduction of a pitch clock that limits the pitching time of robot referees and pitchers, where AI judges balls and strikes.

ow many scenes do you want to see from last season?

Strike! And this ball is also declared a strike.

However, KBO explains that if it was this season when robot referees were to be introduced, they were all balls.

Robot referee is an ABS, automatic ball judgment system, which is a kind of artificial intelligence and AI that makes decisions on strikes and balls.

Let’s take a closer look?

Rectangular strike zones of set specifications are pre-set on both the middle and end sides of the home plate.

Depending on the heights of the batters, the taller the batters are a little higher on the ground, and the shorter the batters are a little lower.

When a pitcher throws a ball, several cameras track and transmit the trajectory.

The ball needs to pass through both the middle and the end to become a strike.

What if it was a breaking ball that only passed through one side and fell off?

It’s a ball.

The results of the judgment are delivered to the referee with a headset-like receiving equipment, which is almost real-time.

The on-site response is positive.

The introduction of pitch clock, which allows pitches within a set time, is also a change to watch.

Major League Baseball, which was introduced first, reduced the game time by an average of 24 minutes.

There are concerns that the players are under a lot of pressure, but the opening time of the exhibition game has been shortened by 14 minutes compared to last year.

Expectations are rising that AI, which is also incorporated into baseball, and changes for fast baseball can add to the fun of watching professional baseball. 토토사이트먹튀

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