As stated in various interviews and articles related to Hyun Joong, I am an old Samsung fan.

I played for Samsung when I was active, and I think I became ‘Samsung We’ as we built up relationships like this. Samsung has given me so much. First of all, Hyun Joong was born. My husband, who played in the men’s team when he was a member of Samsung, said he was looking good at me. 토토사이트 추천

He expressed his feelings to his colleague Kang Eul-joon, and thanks to his introduction, we were able to meet each other. That’s why Hyun Joong was born. One day, Hyun Joong said “Thank you for letting me be born” at a meal with Kang. Life is very strange. If I were not a member of Samsung and my husband was also in a different team, I might not have met each other and had different lives.

Having another child from such a different family, and oh! But I don’t want to think much about it. Husband, child, and family, no matter what kind of relationship you meet, everyone is precious, but Hyunjung and other children other than Rina… All wives and mothers are like that, but now husband, son, and daughter are the most important, and I am so grateful for the fate that led to that.

That’s right. For us, the team called Samsung was another family that we promoted at the group level. Did they know that? When I was young, I often took Hyunjoong to the basketball court. I wanted to cheer for Samsung, but I still liked women’s basketball and to see my seniors and juniors in the basketball world.

Therefore, he did not openly show his support for Samsung. What was interesting was Hyunjung. He liked basketball from an early age when he was messing with toys and was especially into Samsung games. On the day when Samsung lost, he didn’t even eat and was angry by himself. Even if I was slightly deceived, I ate well, but Hyunjung said, “You’re better than me.” (Laughs)

Of course. This is just a personal matter. Of course, just because you’re a Samsung fan, you can’t tell the difference between business and business, and you don’t say, “I like Samsung no matter what.” At least as long as my family or I step into the basketball world, we will not be blindfolded and staring at one side. This is because I know well how dangerous it is to choose only what you want to hear, what you want to see, and what you want to think.

He was once a fan of the team. Hyun Jung, who was always happy at the Samsung game, is busy carrying out his team’s schedule from the start of the game. The Illawarra Hawks, Hyun Jung’s team, are currently playing the semifinal playoff of the NBL (Australian Basketball Association). Hyun Jung is not a starting player, but he seems to be faithfully playing his role as a swing man and contributing strength to the team.

I think this playoff will be a stage to give Hyun a good experience. I am also in Australia to pack up my things and take care of him. To my mom, my child comes before me. Even when Hyun was young, interest in Samsung was immense. However, after Hyun started playing basketball, the priority team changed. Samil Middle School, Samil Sang High School, Lake Guindela College, Davidson University, Santa Cruz Warriors and now the Illawarra Hawks… That’s right. The team to which Hyun Joong belongs is the top priority.

Nevertheless, Samsung is still gloomy. It is similar to the sentiment of those who are thinking about their hometown where they were born and raised, although they are currently posted on different websites. The more I think about the Samsung Thunders in Seoul, the more I feel sorry for them. Still, the Samsung Life Blooming, Yongin, has shown off-season presence, but the Thunders seem to have lost too much of their former reputation.

What kind of team is Samsung? As all old basketball fans know, the team was never weak. There were times when the team’s performance was really strong and times when it wasn’t, but it was always above the middle level. It was a given in the playoffs. However, it is heartbreaking that the Thunder have become synonymous with the underdogs since some time ago.

There is nothing to say about why the Thunder have come to this point. I’m on the basketball board, but I’m on the women’s basketball side. I don’t know much about men’s basketball. I think it’s right to say that you’re just a fan of interest. I’m not in a position to give advice because it’s right to think that you’re ignorant of internal circumstances and other factors. It’s just unfortunate. It’s all unfortunate.

Against this backdrop, interest in the Thunder has increased recently. The same applies to Hyunjoong, who is playing in the Australian League. It is because of Acting Manager Kim Hyo-beom (41, 189 centimeters). Kim is a person I am very grateful to my family. He first became acquainted with during the 4th Asia-Pacific Team Camp with Nike in Hangzhou, China, in June 2017.

At first impression, I felt that he was a very polite young man. I still can’t forget the sweet voice that I called first and called him a senior. Hyunjoong also said that he was really comfortable because Kim Hyo-beom took good care of him after the camp. Usually, there is a difficult image when it comes to teachers, but in the case of Acting Kim, I think he is a leader with a warm older brother added to it.

Kim has helped Hyun-joong in so many ways. Especially in terms of his mental aspect, so my family still calls him Hyun-joong’s mentor. Many people have long described Hyun-joong as a mature player for his age. This is because he can afford to look around the situations of others besides himself without losing positive thoughts even in difficult situations.

This may have Hyun-joong’s natural character, but I think it is also a big influence of meeting good mentors at the age of puberty, when the mind was changing. Among them, Acting President Kim was the best mentor… No, he is a mentor. Still, Hyun-joong continues to follow Acting President Kim, and Acting President Kim also cares for Hyun-joong like his own brother. Even if it’s the same criticism, the criticism that Acting President Kim says is different. It is all the more sincerely acceptable because the belief that ‘for me’ and ‘because I hope I do well’ is underlying. I think this is what communication of trust is like.

Of course, Hyunjung is not the only one who thinks of Kim as a mentor. As is well known, many active players have said that they depend on him and have learned a lot. Kim has a slightly different personality than the leaders I’ve known so far. Does he let the opponent find his own color without forcing himself to think?

He seems to be a very self-governing American style, but he is like a big brother to us, and he seems to be a mixture of good points from overseas and domestic leaders. He seems to have a communication method that the current generation likes in that he pursues understanding first rather than unilateral instructions, but he is thoughtful in that he knows how to approach each and every member of the bench affectionately. Of course, he can be cold when he is cold.

That’s why I’m looking forward to it even more. You might say it’s because you’re good to Hyun-joong and you’re interested in him. That’s right. I don’t mean to deny that. Hyun-joong was really influenced by Acting President Kim. In addition, the category of good influence includes not only Hyun-joong, but also a number of promising basketball players and junior basketball players.

I’ve actually seen the process and results, so I’m more reliable. Because of this, I often watch Thunder games, and the thought that’s always the same.’ As everyone knows, the current power of the Thunder is very weak. It doesn’t seem easy for the time being unless it really changes the game itself. Personally, I hope the Thunder will be a steady strong team. For that to happen, I think steady growth comes first rather than a sudden reorganization of the team.

As there are many promising players, I think they will regain their pride in the prestigious family someday if they break the egg. Acting President Kim is the right leader for that. He does not push or overdo the player for the immediate win. Even if it takes time, each individual finds the best way to grow and treats it accordingly.

More than anything else, he constantly inspires motivation. Kim did not play for Samsung but moved up step by step after serving as an instructor and coach. He probably knows well about the current team. Usually, the term “verification” is used often when discussing leaders, but I think the current Samsung leader, Kim Hyo-beom, is the most proven person. I am really curious about Kim Hyo-beom’s basketball style, which he prepared for the off-season and put his own color on it.

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