C$142 million casino construction in Gateway Casino & Entertainment’s Western Fair District.

The background of politicians presenting more community opinions is to weigh the costs and benefits of hosting casinos. Lawmakers agreed to hold more public meetings to talk to locals and problem gamblers and gather people’s opinions. 슬롯게임

Councillor Stephen Turner of ward 11 explained that it is essential to talk to the community and discuss the potential impact of hosting casinos in the Western Fair District. He added that London politicians would seek advice from the Canadian Society for Addiction and Mental Health to discuss concerns related to problem gambling and the social impact of casino development at the fair.

The public meeting is scheduled to begin in March this year and the outcome of the debate will determine the future of Gateway’s ambitious casino project. Earlier this month, Gateway spokesman Rob Mitchell announced that the company was ready to participate in public meetings and provide more details about the casino project.

The gambling operator announced plans to build a full-fledged entertainment center in the western fair district, which is currently a modest gambling center operated by the Ontario Lottery Game Corporation (OLG), but after a long bidding process, OLG chose Gateway as the preferred contractor to operate the Western Fair slot machine.

Come to think of it, OLG recently announced the launch of its modernization procurement process in an attempt to revive the gambling industry in the segregated region, which is a little later than expected, but is likely to work. Western Fair’s new management of slot machine operations could lead to a new era of gambling centers, assuming Gateway is approved for the construction of a gambling complex. The company that announced that it is planning gambling and gambling activities behind the gambling complex is planning a casino complex that is being planned.

Gateway planning may face another challenge. It’s a high rent in the West Fair District. The company is working to negotiate cheaper rents after OLG’s current contract expires in 2020. Gateway explained that if rents were low, it would be able to invest $140 million in the project. In return, the expansion explained that it would pay a lot of taxes and jobs.

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