Announced that the operator has made a conditional offer to purchase a site across from the North Bay Regional Health Center.

The property is Gateway’s preferred site for the construction of a gambling facility in North Bay. 온라인카지노

Last year, it was reported that the former Norfibre property owner on Elroy Road, or more precisely, the Orsi family, had begun zoning for the construction of the Premier Casino. The owner also submitted a draft plan to subdivide the land into six commercial areas.

Last year, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) signed a 20-year Casino Operations and Services Agreement (COSA) with Gateway Casino & Entertainment Limited (Gateway), under which Gateway acquired control of the assets of its day-to-day operations and North Gaming Bundles.

The Gambling Company has been granted permission to build two new gaming and entertainment facilities in the Kenora area and North Bay. The gateway wasted no time in finding the right place to build a new entertainment facility.

Gateway adheres to preferred site for North Bay casino
In November, the company said it was interested in the former Nordfibre location opposite the North Bay Regional Health Center on Highway 17 West. Gateway Casino & Entertainment spokesman Rob Mitchell said Gateway did not have a signed purchase agreement at the moment, but the fact that the owner requested a zoning of the Nordfibre property could be interpreted as a first step in securing a venture casino’s preferred location.

Mitchell added that the company is interested in certain sites because of its strategic location close to major highways. In addition, there is plenty of parking space, which is also an important aspect of choosing a place of interest. The gambling operator shared hopes of opening a gambling house by 2020. The gateway refrained from setting deadlines because there were several factors that could change the plan.

Mitchell explained that the day was close for the gambling company to sign a purchase agreement. He added that once Gateway has a location to build a gambling facility in North Bay, it will be able to provide more details on brands and amenities that will include new gambling assets.

The zoning of the former Nordfibre site is expected to be hampered by strong opposition from a local group called No Casino North Bay. Members of the group are trying to convince officials that a small city like North Bay is not the right place to host casinos.

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