Up 24% year-on-year

According to the Korea Basketball Federation (KBL) on Sunday, a total of 618,284 spectators visited the stadium through the fifth round. The figure represents a 24 percent increase from the same period last season (599,572). 토토사이트 추천

In addition, entrance income increased by 37% compared to the same period last year.

KBL expects the box office to be maintained in the sixth round.

A KBL official said, “In the sixth round, the league will become fiercer due to the battle for the upper and middle rankings, including the magic number count of the leading Wonju DB.”

Meanwhile, this season, KBL has newly established six individual records, including scoring, three-point shooting, rebounding, assist, steal, and block, and competition between individuals is fierce.

In addition, the Skills Development Award and the Sixman Award will be selected by the club by recommending one candidate each.

The previous winners of the MVP, best 5, rookie award, and skill development award are excluded from this year’s skill development award.

The Sixman Award excludes players who start ⅓ games (18 games) or more in regular games, and winners of MVP, best 5 and best rookie awards.

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