‘National player’ Kim Jae-hee until 2027

SK Telecom announced on the 6th that it has signed a four-year sponsorship contract with Kim Jae-hee, a former national team player, between 2024 and 2027. 토토사이트

Kim Jae-hee was selected as a member of the Korean national team Sangbi-gun (2018) and the national team (2019), and she is recognized for her talent enough to win the KLPGA Dream Tour prize money in 2020. She communicates with fans and is witty, and has a strong fandom.

He has also consistently shown his potential as a top player, finishing second in the Daebo Housedy Open and the S-OIL Championship last year.

In addition, SKT is expected to create a company-friendly image centered on golf fans through the sponsorship of Kim Jae-hee with a young and fresh image, and incorporate SKT’s systematic management and player support capabilities into the professional golf field.

SKT is supporting top professional golfers such as Choi Kyung-ju and Lee Bo-mi, Kim Han-byeol and Lee Seung-min in professional golf.

Kim Jae-hee said, “I’m happy to sign a contract with SK Telecom, which has usually sponsored the world’s best golfers such as Choi Kyung-ju and Lee Bo-mi,” adding, “I’ll work hard based on the company’s interest and sponsorship and make sure to repay it with a victory during the contract period and make it to the LPGA, the stage of my dream.”

Oh Kyung-sik, head of sports marketing at SK Telecom, said, “We signed a contract with Kim Jae-hee in order to find and sponsor future players,” and added, “We plan to continue to strive for the development of the golf industry as well as maximize the capabilities of players through systematic support.”

Meanwhile, SKT is also taking the lead in implementing social values through golf, such as holding SK Telecom Open and SK Telecom Charity Open together under the slogan of “Green Together, Accompanying Happiness.” It is also holding the “SK Telecom Adaptive Open” for golfers with developmental disabilities as part of improving awareness of developmental disabilities and ESG management in sports.

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