‘Vengeful Bloodbath’…1R Return Match in the Round of 16 of the Individuals

The first round of team play in Season 1 of the 2024 eKLeague Championship has concluded. Ahead of the second round of the individual competition, the individual brackets were finalized at the nomination ceremony on Tuesday. The Round of 16 of the individual competition, which begins on Wednesday with Choi Hoseok and Byun Woo-jin, will feature a number of reunions between players who met in the first round. The other three players are KT Rolster’s Kim Jung-min and Gwangju FC’s Park Se-young, and Gwangju Hwang-sejong and Daejeon Hana Citizen’s Lee Tae-kyung.

The nomination ceremony was held by nominating opponents one by one according to the order of their top scores. Park’s second choice was Kim Jung-min. “They were all so competitive that I was worried about who to choose,” Park said, explaining why he chose Kim, saying, “I beat him in the first round, and I personally liked him.”

Park and Kim faced off against each other on the 16th. They met in the second set of a crucial match for the top spot in the team competition, and Park won the match 2-1 with her trademark bold mid-range shots. Kim suffered a heartbreaking defeat as he made frequent passing mistakes.

“The person I was in the first round is not the same as the person I am in the individual competition. I think he’s a very funny guy,” he said, expressing his discomfort at being picked. In response to Park Se-young’s explanation that she was picked because she “liked him,” Kim said, “I know exactly that it’s just a story,” adding, “It’s just that I see it easily. I’ve been beaten by players who say that a lot. This time, I want to win with a good performance.”

The match between the two players, which was further fueled by Kim’s comments, is highly anticipated as they both play an aggressive style. Kim has been nicknamed the “Fifa Emperor” and has been known for his flashy dribbling and quick attacking moves. Park Seyoung is an aggressive player who doesn’t hesitate to take shots and find the back of the net. The matchup between Kim Jung-min and Park Se-young, which promises to be a battle of attacking soccer, will take place on the second day of the Round of 16.

Hwang Se-jong, who led Gwangju’s promotion surge this season, and Daejeon’s Lee Tae-kyung, who dramatically joined the Round of 16 after defeating defending champion Park Chan-hwa in the final match of the season, will face each other once 토토사이트 again in the first round. Hwang singled out Lee Tae-kyung, saying, “I was beaten by her possession soccer in a team game. I wanted to take revenge with aggressive play,” he said, showing his desire for revenge.

Hwang Se-jong and Lee Tae-kyung met in the second set of the first-round match between Gwangju and Daejeon on April 4. At the time, Hwang Se-jong was riding a winning streak and was expected to take an easy win against Lee Tae-kyung, who was struggling. However, Hwang Sejong struggled against the tight defense of Lee Tae-kyung, who clogged the flanks, and eventually conceded the game-winning goal just before the end of the match to suffer their first loss of the season.

“One of the opponents I wanted to avoid the most was Hwang Sejong, but I got picked,” said Lee Tae-kyung, who was picked, “I thought it would be difficult to face them with an attack, so I will go for a stronger defense.” As such, Hwang Se-jong and Lee Tae-kyung’s third match on the 24th will be a battle of spears and shields. This time, it will be interesting to see if Hwang Se-jong’s spear can pierce Lee Tae-kyung’s shield.


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