‘Ryu Hyun-jin Returns’…KBO Commissioner Jung Min-cheol “Ryu Hyun-jin

“He will burn ‘flame’ in his first season.”

When contacted by SportsDongA on Nov. 21, KBO Power Enhancement Commissioner Chung Min-cheol (52) gave a clear answer to the question of how he expects Ryu Hyun-jin (37) to perform upon his return to the KBO, using the Hanwha Eagles’ symbol, “flame. “Technically, he’s unquestionable,” Chung said, “and if he doesn’t get sick, he’ll be a spark in his first season.” He emphasized that Ryu’s skills are still the best in Korean baseball.

Jung has spent a long time with Ryu as a player and coach. He was Ryu’s favorite teammate until his retirement, and was the pitching coach for Hanwha, which helped him grow as a player.

He also served as a longtime commentator for MBC SportsPlus, and even took the microphone to commentate on Ryu’s Major League Baseball (MLB) starts. He has seen Ryu’s career up close and personal over the years.

One of the things Chung appreciates most about Ryu is that he’s gained a lot of “big game” experience through his time in the big leagues. “Ryu has been a big game pitcher since his early 20s. You only have to look at the 2008 Beijing Olympics to see that,” he recalled, “and he played for 11 years in the MLB, where every game is a big game. “I’m sure he’s aware of the attention he’s going to get when he returns to Korea,” he said. “Every time he pitches again, it’s a big game. His experience dealing with the pressure of big games in the MLB will help him continue 스포츠토토 his success in Korea.”

Jung also gave a sobering explanation of the conditions for Ryu’s ‘continued performance’. “Considering Ryu’s age, the importance of ‘management’ cannot be overlooked. If Hanwha wants to fully utilize Ryu for the duration of his contract, careful management is essential,” he said. “It will be a lot of pressure on the manager. If a player of this caliber is out for a long period of time due to injury, it will be very difficult for the club.”

“Choi Won-ho and Son Hyuk are Korea’s top experts in pitcher management. Their ‘eyes’ will definitely be very helpful for Ryu to continue his domestic career.”

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