A total of 62 billion b-um-ho’s? The ‘Galactico III’ Real attacking lineup is a combination of

Will Spanish La Liga side Real Madrid build an ultra-luxury attacking lineup to follow in the footsteps of the ‘Galactico I’ of the 2000s? Amid speculation that superstar Kylian Mbappe will join the club at the end of the season, a soccer statistics outlet has highlighted a number of possible attacking combinations that Real could build. One combination has an eye-popping €430 million price tag.

European soccer statistics outlet TransferMarkt took to social media on Tuesday to ask fans to name the “best attacking trio” in the world. They listed the number of possibilities that the club could form if Mbappe joined Real.

Unsurprisingly, all four options included Mbappe’s name. Transfermarkt puts his price tag at €180 million.

The players he’s paired with are also colorful. The outlet cites Vinicius Junior, Hodriguez, Federico Valverde, and Brahim Diaz as Mbappe’s assistants. They even mentioned ‘Supernova‘ Endrick, who will join next season, as a potential partner.

The most destructive pairing in terms of sheer ransom is the A and B combination, which is worth €430 million. Fans reacted to the post with the words “New Galactico”. At the same time, some fans were looking for the presence of Jude Bellingham.

In fact, Real have had fun this season with Bellingham up front and Vinicius and Hodriguez on the wings. With Mbappe’s ability to play all over the field, there are a lot of combinations that can be created.

Of course, this is all assuming Mbappe’s move to Real is finalized. However, Spain’s Marca claimed the day before that “Mbappe has already signed a contract 토토사이트 with Real until the summer of 2029″.

It was the salary that caught our attention. The outlet claims that Mbappe will earn around €20 million per year, including bonuses. With Mbappe reportedly earning €72 million from PSG, this would be the biggest “pay cut” of all time.

The highest paid players on Real’s squad are Toni Kroos and David Alaba, whose estimated salaries are around €24 million, according to foreign media.


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