Macau government and received gaming licenses to operate in the world’s largest gambling city.

MGM Grand ParadaSix casino operators, including Isis, Galaxy Casino, Venetian Macau, Melco Resort (Macao), Wynn Resort (Macao), and SJM Resort, have recently signed contracts according to their rankings during the bidding process.

The representatives of the six casino operators who signed contracts on behalf of the casino are as follows:

For MGM: Pansy Ho, Co-Chairman and Managing Director of MGM China, and Kenneth Fong, President and Strategy and CFO of MGM China; Standing: Other Representatives of MGM, the highest bidder in the bidding process;
For Galaxy, Lui Che Woo and Francis Lui, President and Vice Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group;
In the case of Venetian: Dr. Wilfred Wong, Chairman and Executive Director of Sands China Limited, and Dave Sun, Executive Director of Sands China;
For Melco: Melco Resorts & Entrtainment의 회장이자 CEO인 Lawrence Ho와 Malco Resorts & Entertainment의 CEO인 David Sisk;
Winn: Craig Billings Winn Macao CEO, Linda Chen Winn Macao Vice Chairman, COO and Executive Director, Ian Michael Coughlan Winn Macau President and Executive Director;
SJM: Daisy Ho, Chairman and managing director of SJM Holdings and Angela Long, co – chairman and managing director of SJM Holdings.
On the other side of the table was signed by Macau Administration Minister Horat Seng on behalf of the Macau government.

Terms and Conditions:

Under the terms and conditions of the contract beginning January 1, 2023, all six casino operators will maintain a fixed capital of MOP 5 billion from MOP 200 million in the previous contract.

Each operator must have a “Managing Director”, who must be Macao residents and own at least 15% of the company’s equity capital.

Under this condition, the “management director” may hold 15% as a nominee or “name only” under other legal procedures

However, this participation does not have to have the right to vote or any economic benefit!

Continued stability of Macau operators:

The deal marks the culmination of a year-long Macau game, including a major revision of the Macau Game Act and a serious re-bidding process, but the official deal provides six Macau casino operators with the stability and conditions to operate legally in Macau, particularly after investing more than $50 billion in China’s special administrative areas over the past 20 years.

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