Which is expected to be ready by the start of the next session.

He told the state legislature that the new rules would limit the number of operating casinos, requiring all “coastal” casinos to be relocated to land and gaming facilities to be established.

In addition, he emphasized another important aspect of the new policy to ban gambling activities for all orphaned residents. Mr Parrikar shared his views on the matter, comparing gambling to other addictions.

He said he was part of the opposition to the creation of the casino industry in the area, but his government had no choice but to welcome the casino industry in the area because there were already some investors who purchased ships.

The introduction of the hard-line measures was triggered by criticism that the Goa government allowed the opening of a sixth “offshore” casino. Opposition parties were in a uproar over the arrival of MV Lucky 7, which landed at Miramar Beach, waiting for a green light to enter the Mandovi River.

In response, Mr Farikar came up with a new policy, which would not allow the opening of the sixth planned ship-based casino. On the other hand, shipowner Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd will have the right to receive financial compensation, so this may have legal consequences.

Hindu media also explained that the council pointed out that it was one of the main culprits for the arrival of the local casino industry, as it gave green light to ships entering Goa’s coast. He also added that his government opposed the game industry entering Goa’s market but could not respond in any way because Congress had already allowed investors to buy ships built for the purpose.

In addition to ship – based casinos, there are nine additional offline gambling hubs operating in the area. Earlier this month, Mr Farikar reportedly issued an official written statement to the state legislature explaining that the gambling industry does not affect crime rates and that there are no social ills. 슬롯사이트

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