The Seoul-based company opened its 1,600-room Grand Hyatt Hotel in December in a $1.42 billion property and plans to supplement the service by introducing a casino of about 54,000 square feet with 300 slots and 150 game tables, according to a report by GGRAcia on Thursday. However, this plan is nearby FaradaThe source explained that it depends on obtaining official permission from the government to transfer gambling licenses for Is casino’s 38-story Jeju tower.

As part of the process, the Jeju Provincial Council reported last month that it approved the relocation plan for the Lotte Tourism Development Corporation by a 29-6 margin and said it would leave all matters in the hands of semi-autonomous Governor Won Hee-ryong. GRAASIA detailed that the motion has now been approved, despite protests from a number of local civic groups.

The final sanctions are known to mean that foreign-only casinos planning to target the 5-star Jeju Dream Tower as early as next month could welcome guests under the Jeju Casino Industry Supervisory Commission’s mandatory inspection, which is expected to take about August, Lotte Tourism Development Corporation gave the gambling-friendly plan a “fit” mark on the official casino impact assessment.

In return for the plan to host the Jeju Dream Tower casino, the 57-year-old reportedly required the Jeju Provincial Council to put nine conditions in its own approval, including a clause requiring at least 80 percent of all upcoming jobs to local residents and a “active” detailed plan to address crime concerns.

Using its own report, Inside Asian Gaming reportedly hoped Lotte Tourism Development would open a casino on less than two miles of Jeju International Airport in March to develop a 75-acre Jeju Dream Tower, but it was postponed last year to allow an official investigation into allegations that the operator manipulated the results of the casino impact assessment.

Jeju Tourism Minister yesterday stepped up casino plans for the tallest building in the city after an ongoing investigation found no evidence of illegal activities, and Kim Jae-woong reportedly declared the project could “contribute to revitalizing the Jeju economy” after a recent “stagnation” due to a drop in overseas tourists.

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