“I’m going back to my main job now.”

At the end of 2023, KBO League’s top star Oh Ji-hwan (33, LG) will finally return to his “main job.”

Oh started training on July 18. After finishing the Korean Series, he finished various award ceremonies, events and interviews, and started to build up his body for next season.

LG won the unified championship for the first time in 29 years, and Oh Ji-hwan, who showed an intense performance on the stage of the Korean Series, was selected as the Korean Series MVP. The MVP was paid a lot of attention as he was talking about Awamoriju and MVP luxury watches, which had promised to win “next championship” after the last championship, but were not released forever and could not find their owners.

More than a month after finishing the Korean Series on Nov. 13, Oh had a busy schedule for numerous award ceremonies and championship-related events. He had a wonderful time, taking care of his personal volunteer work and even taking care of his surroundings, including sending his team junior Lee Jung-yong off to the military.

Oh Ji-hwan in early November and today are very different people. As he became the MVP of the Korean Series and was exposed to numerous media interviews and news, he became a “familiar face” even to those who are not LG fans or baseball fans. He is feeling the tremendous popularity every day.

“There are a lot more people in my neighborhood who don’t know who I am or who I am,” Oh said. “Now, even older people come and talk to me, saying, ‘I’ve seen it a lot before.’ I wondered if it was in my neighborhood or Jamsil, and they recognize me everywhere I go. I was really surprised,” Oh said. “I wonder if celebrities who appeared in a drama with the highest ratings would be like this.”

Oh Ji-hwan, who has been loved by limited fans and is feeling the majesty of the MVP of the Korean Series, said, “I think the number of 29 years has given more meaning to me. People who don’t know me on the street greet me, and I don’t feel awkward and greet me brightly. Now I think I have to be more careful one by one.”

Oh Ji-hwan, who spent more than a month full of non-baseball schedules for the first time in his life, is now trying to wake up and return to his “daily life” even in his schedule that is still not over.

“It’s an honor to be so busy, but I felt like I should get back to my main job soon,” Oh said. “My team won the title, but I was disappointed in my personal performance. I had an injury early in the season, so I want to do well next year. I don’t think I have enough time to exercise (due to schedule), so I’m conducting weight training, technical training, and recovery training at the same time.” Originally, I had been working out until the end of December and started technical training in January and prepared for the spring camp for a month, but this year, I started physical training late due to my busy schedule, but I started technical training early.

LG’s goal is to win next year, and Oh’s goal is to do well in the regular season next year. “It was an honorable time,” said Oh, who spent the busiest time in his life as the Korean Series MVP, in which LG won in 29 years. “I want to win next year. Now I want to do my best in my day job.”


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