‘Montagro National University’ Kang Tu-ji… to be together next year

Gangwon FC extended its contract with Kang To-ji, who joined the club through the transfer market last summer. Kang To-ji played in 18 games including the promotion and promotion playoffs, and played a big role in Gangwon FC’s remaining in the K-League 1. He was 190 centimeters tall and scored one goal at set piece.

Having recognized Kang’s capabilities early on, the club changed its registration name from Tucci to Kang’s, marking it as a “core defense resource of Gangwon.” As evidenced by this, Kang defended his team’s run with solid defense on the ground. He was also selected as a member of the Montenegro national team twice during the season, and made his name known in Europe.

“It’s only been about half a year since I joined Kangwon FC, but I feel like I’ve been there for a long time. I remember all the welcoming and moments I received when I joined,” Kang said. “I’m really looking forward to a new season and a new victory with Kangwon FC. I’m truly grateful to the team officials, coaching staff, fellow players, and always passionate fans who gave me faith.” 토토사이트넷

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