8 goals and 2 assists

Willian, who made his debut with Gwangju FC in 2019, scored 37 goals and 12 assists in 96 games through the 2022 season.

After being loaned to Seoul this season, he joined the club on condition that he completely transferred to Seoul, where he played 33 games, and scored eight goals and two assists. He has displayed outstanding performances regardless of right and left, and played a key role in the team’s offense.

In particular, the dramatic equalizer in the game against Ulsan HD on August 27 showed its unique finishing ability. The talent to break down the opponent’s defense with rhythmic personal skills and creative movements is considered an advantage.

With Willian’s complete transfer, Seoul will be able to maintain its strong offense, which tied for the top scorer in the 2023 season, next season.

Attention is also focusing on what synergy new coach Kim Ki-dong can create in the attack through Willian.

Willian said, “I wanted to be with you in Seoul, but I’m glad to be able to be with you in the future. Not only my fans but also my family love me so much that Seoul always feels like home,” adding, “I know the role I have to play. I want to be with you for a long time. I’ll be responsible and repay you with a good performance.”


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