“What can I do?” The Commander-in-Chief is at a loss for words. “Sighs” at the mistake.

“I don’t know what to do.”

Even the head coach was at a loss for words.

Roadworks suffered a 3-0 shutout defeat against Jungkwanjang in the third round of the Dodram V League Women’s Division 2023-2024 season at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on March 13. Bumseil outnumbered Jungkwanjang, but they were overwhelmed by the height and power of 바카라사이트 Jungkwanjang.

“The players worked hard, but when it mattered the most, they made bad errors,” said Roadworks coach Kim Jong-min after the match.

Setter Lee Yoon-jung’s shaky performance was disappointing, especially when she couldn’t get into sync with Jupo Vukiric and couldn’t power up and hit her shots.

Coach Kim also started rookie setter Park Eun-ji in the last match. However, after a series of mistakes, Lee Yoon-jung was brought in at the end of the second set, and that’s how the match ended.

Yoon Jung-jeong still needs some time to get her breathing right. She has too many thoughts in her head. I want her to keep it simple.”

The difference in offense was evident in this game. Coach Kim said, “Their offense is not good. We can’t score no matter how many times we walk,” but also said, “It’s good that Bae Yoo-na came alive a little bit. But we need to be more explosive to win,” he emphasized. As for Moon Jung-won, he said, “I always want to use her, but she’s not in the best shape. We have to keep an eye on her.”

Despite Tanacha‘s double-digit scoring (11 points), the game was a complete loss. “I don’t know (how to use it) yet,” Kim said.

“You have to have a standard for when you’re good and when you’re not… I think the players are the most frustrated. They want to win, they want to play well.”

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