Streak Ends…So Does Director Kwon Young-min’s ‘Punishment Shrine’ “I’ll Wear a Different Color”

KEPCO’s winning streak in men’s professional volleyball has come to an end.

KEPCO lost the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Men’s match against KEPCO 1-3 (25-16 23-25 14-25 23-25) at Suwon Gymnasium 토토사이트 on Wednesday.

KEPCO, which had recently won seven straight matches, failed to extend its winning streak to eight.

During the winning streak, KEPCO head coach Kwon Young-min wore the same outfit. For nearly a month, he wore a beige suit and directed his players on the court.

After struggling and finishing in last place during the first round of the tournament, with rumors of a possible sale, KEPCO has recently made a splash with a seven-game winning streak. Kwon suggested that the players train together and the team came together as a unit, which has helped them continue their winning streak. The coach’s suit was a sign of his commitment to the team.

The team seemed to keep the momentum going in the first set, but KEPCO started to lose the lead in the second set and eventually hung their heads.

“The opponent’s serve came in strong and we gave up a lot of points,” said Kwon Young-min. It was a difficult match,” Kwon said, adding, “I think our offense dropped because our reception was shaky.”

He thanked the players for their efforts during the winning streak, saying, “We’ve done a lot of hard work, and it’s not over.” KEPCO’s next opponent is leader Woori Card. They come to their home stadium on the 16th. “We will prepare well and do our best,” said Kwon.

Since the losing streak has ended, they will play with a fresh mind. “We will wear a different color suit,” Kwon said.

As for the training camp, Kwon tries to leave it up to the players. “I’ll ask them first, and if they want to do it, I’ll do it,” Kwon said. “I’m the kind of person who listens to what they want, so we’ll discuss it and make it work.”

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