Spelman, who complains of a headache, will not be able to play against DB on the 26th…Director Kim Sangsik said, “I’m frustrated, too.”

Anyang Jeonggwan, who had been fully prepared, was exhausted. It was the second round home game of professional basketball against Suwon KT on the 24th.

Omari Spellman, who was injured, is expected to return. Duvan Maxwell, who was already an alternative foreign player for Spellman, went to Daegu Korea Gas Corporation.

However, just before the game, the news of Spellman’s absence was reported. The reason is a headache complaint.

Kim Sang-sik, head coach of Jeonggwan, said, “I practiced briefly yesterday (23rd) with Spellman for the first time, but he said he had a headache today (24th). I’m frustrated, too. I can’t say that I’m sick. Spellman says he has a headache and wants to play in a more perfect state. I asked for more time for two or three days,” he said. Chung had to play as a foreign player.

Chung lost 85-94 on the day. Darryl Monroe was too much to face two KT foreign players alone. In addition, Park Ji-hoon injured his ankle in the game. The part that went back in the first quarter was twisted again in the third quarter. He said he would run, but Kim Sang-sik stopped him.

Head coach Kim Sang-sik said, “From my point of view, I didn’t have to overdo this one game. It’s still early in the second round. I gave Park Ji-hoon a break, he explained the situation at the time.

Spellman is also expected to be unable to play in the game against the No. 1 Wonju DB on the 26th. DB is the No. 1 team in this season’s league. Although Chung claimed victory in the first round, it is hard to deal with just one foreign player.

Coach Kim Sang-sik said, “(Spellman) is likely to miss the DB match. Spellman said he was preparing, but he said he would focus on the match against Goyang Sono or Ulsan Hyundai Mobis after the DB match. “I didn’t even think Spellman would be absent due to a headache,” he said, complaining of frustration.

Chung is ranked second in the league despite the absence of Oh Se-geun and Moon Sung-gon’s transfer last summer and Byun Jun-hyung’s enlistment. This is due to the fact that domestic players performed evenly without relying on one or two players under coach Kim Sang-sik.

However, players’ physical burden has been increasing since the beginning of the season. Director Kim Sang-sik is also concerned about this. “The players are struggling a lot physically and mentally. “Since only one foreign player plays, everyone is exhausted,” he said, pointing out the risk factors of the team.


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