‘Profanity scandal’ coach Kim Seung-ki fined 10 million won by KBL…

Goyang Sono head coach Kim Seung-ki was fined 10 million won ($9,000) for his profanity-laced rant against the opposing team’s coaching staff and staff after a game.

In response, Kim issued a public apology, saying he was “deeply remorseful.”

The KBL announced on the morning of the 24th that it held its 29th Finance Committee at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and imposed sanctions of 10 million won and 2 million won on Kim and Wonju DB head coach Kwon Soon-cheol, respectively.

Kim verbally abused the coaching staff, including head coach Kim Joo-sung, in the hallway of the stadium immediately after DB’s home game (91-99 loss) on Nov. 19 at Goyang Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province.

Kim was reportedly angered by a scene during the game in which DB’s head coach Kwon approached the headquarters seats where the match supervisor and others were seated and protested the referee’s decision.

Kim also reportedly criticized DB’s secretary general Lee Heung-seop, who came to the scene later, and had a brief argument with Kwon, who pointed this out to him.

The KBL admitted that Kim slandered the opposing team by using profanity and verbal abuse.

“As the head coach of a team and the person who has the most responsibility, I am deeply sorry for my shameful behavior,” Kim said on the club’s social networking service (SNS) shortly after the disciplinary announcement. “I bow my head and sincerely apologize to DB, the club officials, and the coaching staff,” he said.

“I will be more strict with myself to prevent this from happening, and I will become a more mature basketball player and leader,” he said, adding, “I am deeply remorseful once again.”

The behavior of DB Kwon, who visited the headquarters during the game even though he was not a member of the team, such as a manager or coach, was also subject to discipline after deliberation.

According to the KBL, Kim’s fine of 10 million won is the highest sanction ever imposed on a coach in professional basketball.

Kim was previously fined 10 million won and suspended for one game in January 2020, when he led Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation (now Chung Kwan-jang), for running an unorthodox game by not attempting an offense with 1 minute, 40 seconds left in the game against Changwon LG.

The KBL also fined then-Incheon Electronic Land (now Daegu KOGAS) coach Choi Hee-am the same amount for protesting a refereeing call during a playoff press conference in the 2008-2009 season.

Last season, Kim also spoke out against pro-government officials in public, drawing backlash from opposing clubs’ secretariats, and was eventually referred to the finance committee.

Meanwhile, the KBL also issued a warning to DB’s Kang Sang-jae, who engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct by spitting on the court floor during a game against Jung Kwan-jang on Oct. 10.

A sanction of 200,000 won was also imposed on Jeong Hyo-geun of Jeong Kwanjang for making vulgar gestures while protesting against the referee in the Korea Gas Corporation game on the 21st. 토토사이트

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