One More Time with Japan A Coming-of-age Drama Written by a Young Gukdae

At the time of its formation, it was rated as the weakest of all time… After AG, international adaptability was greatly improved.

Lee Ui-ri, Moon Dong-ju, Won Tae-in… Completing the top three starting lineups that will lead Korea,
catcher Kim Hyeong-jun, shortstop Kim Joo-won, third baseman Kim Do-young, and right fielder Yoon Dong-hee have also grown significantly.

Among pitchers, Choi Ji-min, Choi Seung-yong, and Jeong Hae-young have shown outstanding growth, and
in fact, the current members have won the next WBC and Olympic generational change center
APBC championships. can i do it

Until it was first formed, there was a sarcasm that it was the weakest AG national team in history. And even now, the Korean national team is incomplete. This is an undeniable fact.

However, there is something different from other national teams. It means that it is growing. This national team has something that the existing national team does not have. It is freshness, growth, and passion. There is no fear because it is still immature. As a result, he is able to collide with his opponents with relative ease, and is seen growing steadily during the game. 먹튀검증

For example, it was the same in the APBC Japan game on November 17th. Lee Ui-ri made a quality start, allowing 2 runs in 6 innings, once again showing his best pitching since the last Tokyo Olympics. Above all, it had special meaning in that it was a fightback shown at Tokyo Dome against the Japanese national team, which was filled with NPB first-class players.

The same goes for Moon Dong-ju. Moon Dong-ju did not play very well against Australia. However, he did not collapse, and even after a two-month gap, he pitched close to 100 pitches. And he pitched 5.2 innings, allowing 2 runs. Although it was disappointing, he has now become a starter who shows stability no matter what game he appears as a starter for the national team. Moon Dong-ju has grown to the point where he can overcome the pressure of his first game.

A Hanwha official said, “Dongju had a bit of a childlike side, but he grew up a lot after going to AG. “He has become really trustworthy now,” he said, unable to hide his laughter.

Kim Hyung-jun is also growing more and more. Hyungjun Kim caught two stolen bases in yesterday’s game. The Japanese coach highly praised Kim Hyeong-jun’s throw. He has already established himself as Ryu Joong-il’s steadfast catcher.

The same goes for Noh Si-hwan. In the last match against Australia, Noh Si-hwan hit three hits and hit the game-winning hit, playing the role of the fourth hitter. Even in the match against Japan, he perfectly caught Sumida’s change-up (palm ball) and hit a left-field hit. He is gradually getting used to hitting.

Since he is a top-class third baseman in the league, his defense at first base is beyond doubt.

Kim Joo-won also always plays his role when it is most needed. In the last game against AG China, he hit a home run to liven things up, and in the final game against Chinese Taipei, he hit a sacrifice fly to Lin Yumin. And in this APBC, he hit a dramatic tying hit against Australia in the bottom of the 8th inning.

He is becoming an indispensable player in the lower batting lineup. Dong-Hee Yoon also contributed to the team’s victory with a great performance in this APBC, following the previous AG fireworks.

Choi Ji-min has now established himself as Korea’s representative setup. If you are looking for a left-handed pitcher who will come out first in a crisis, Choi Ji-min is currently number 1. He has already left a mark on Coach Ryu by giving no runs in the last AG Japan game, against Taiwan, and this time against APBC Australia. In addition, other pitchers such as Oh Won-seok, Choi Seung-yong, and Jeong Hae-young can also be seen growing rapidly. They are growing further as they find confidence.

The same goes for Kim Do-young, Moon Hyun-bin, and Kim Hwi-jip, who were the first to board. The reason they are disappointed compared to players who have already experienced AG is because of their lack of experience. However, Kim Do-young is slowly adapting and is opening up a path for the team’s offense by hitting a decisive double against Australia and a right-handed hit against Japan. As long as he survives, Kim Do-young’s feet are the national team’s best weapon.

Kim Hwi-jip hit a left-field solo home run against a Japanese pitcher with 33 saves this year. This is a home run that I will never forget for the rest of my life. He took his first step as Kim Ha-seong’s successor brilliantly. Additionally, he left a strong impression on director Ryu Joong-il.

If the APBC is successful and wins the championship by beating Taiwan and Japan in the remaining two games, the generational change in Korea will virtually be completed. If that happens, it is highly likely that those currently playing will be transferred to the adult national team and prepare for the next WBC and Olympics.

When Kim Gwang-hyun and Kim Hyun-soo retired from the national team in March of this year, the future was bleak.

However, the long-awaited generational change is progressing smoothly for the first time in over 10 years. The completion is APBC victory. If they defeat Taiwan today, South Korea will clash with Japan again for the championship at Tokyo Dome on November 19th at 6 PM. The opponent they will meet then is the ace of the Japanese national team, whom the young national team has never faced before.

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