UFC Fighter with an Attractive Smile Why Amanda Hivas Always Smiles

Amanda Rivas (30, Brazil) is a UFC fighter with a beautiful smile. 

A bright expression creates a warm atmosphere around you.

Ahead of UFC Fight Night 232, which will be held at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, USA on the 19th (Korean time)

he did not lose his smile even during a video call with SPOTV News on the 15th. 토토사이트

“I never wake up like this,” says Rivas. “But I always try to give off my best energy because I truly believe that if I give off good energy, it will come back to me.”

Rivas was raised as a martial artist by his father, Marcelo Rivas, a judo and jiu-jitsu coach.

He even served as the Brazilian Judo youth representative. 

hanks to being educated and raised in a family of martial artists from a young age

he is ingrained in the ‘respect’ of Asian culture.

“I like the culture of ‘respect,’” said Rivas. “My father showed me how to have the heart of a warrior.

Even now, he shows me that no matter what happens, I have to be polite and follow the right path.

I’m teaching it,” he said with a laugh.

Rivas entered the UFC in 2019 and had a four-game winning streak. From 2021 onwards, he fluctuates from loss-win-loss-win-loss.

His last three fights have been at flyweight and this time he’s back at strawweight.

He will face 9th ranked Ruana Pineiro (29, Brazil).

Rivas expected, “Pineiro is from a judo school and is strong. We both have a judo school background, so this match will be really fierce.”

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